Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Liao Boss Guide

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty you will encounter Zhang Liao during "The Way Of The Warrior" and "The Fearless Blade" missions...

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Zhang Liao is a difficult-to-tackle boss. You will encounter this boss during “The Way Of The Warrior” and “The Fearless Blade” missions. His lightning attacks are the major thing that makes it difficult for players to bring him down.

Zhang Liao is a very aggressive boss, and the major strength of his attacks is the way he performs those attacks so swiftly. The strange this about him is that his attacks get more frequent as his health falls below 6%. You’ll find it tough to understand his attack patterns, but once you have them, the battle becomes easier for you.

This guide will discuss how players can take down one of Wo Long’s toughest bosses Zhang Liao. For this, we will first get into his attack patterns and then later reveal how to tackle all of his attacks.

And just like Zhang Liao, there are other formidable opponents in Wo Long like Zhao Yun. We also have tips to defeat these tough opponents so you can check those guides as well.

Zhang Liao’s attacks

Zhang Liao’s primary strength against you is high lightning attacks with which he can bring havoc for you. Zhang Liao starts off the fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty with some lightning bolt attacks.

When the area is covered with his lightning bolts, he will attack you with multiple dashes, one after another. These attacks end when he performs a vast spin attack followed by a lightning strike.

After this, he will increase the range of his sword by charging it with lightning and then come up with a thrust attack and call down lighting over his entire arena. He will then give you extensive AoE damage as he slams his charged sword onto the ground.

Zhang Liao’s attacks can strike good damage, making him the most challenging boss. You’ll have to be cautious all the time, unlike other boss battles where you can relax for a bit as some attacks deal very low damage.

However, the key to each boss fight in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is to find the weak side of the boss and then plan your attacks accordingly.

As Zhang Liao performs the attacks above, he loses his mobility for some time. This is when you can unleash your attacks on him. Now that you have a good enough idea about Zhang Liao’s attacking pattern, below is a strategy to take him down.

How to defeat Zhang Liao in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Liao is the most aggressive boss in Wo Long, so you should always take Hong Jing and Zhao Yun for your assistance. Both of your allies will distract Zhang Liao, and thus it’ll be much easier for you to hit him.

Other than this, while going for a battle against Zhang Liao, always equip a Rock Spike. He is weak against Wood and Earth spells, and therefore, it will make the fight easy for you.

During these boss fights, players right after hitting shouldn’t get greedy and instantaneously back off to a safe distance. Zhang Liao, in the beginning, as he spreads lighting over his arena, will immediately perform some other attacks after a very short gap. You might find yourself dead here if you haven’t kept your safe distance.

You must be cautious during the battle and ready to deflect and dodge the attacks while keeping a safe distance in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Players must quickly escape and parry as he dashes at you, followed by a spin attack.

Before performing the thrust attack, he will spin around and charge his sword. As soon as he turns around, you should quickly take an idea and move away from him.

Then as he charges up his sword for a lightning slam which will give you an AoE damage, quickly move behind him as that is the only way you can save yourself. As he performs the slam attack, wait for your companions to distract him and initiate a Rock Spike spell. Once initiated, he will start taking up damage.

As Zhang Liao performs the thrust attack, dodge it and hit 4 four shots at him as he will be immobile for a little longer. Ultimately, his lightning-slash attack must be dodged, or if not, parried using the sword-slash.


As players defeat him during the “The Way of the Warrior Mission,” they will get random pieces of the Valorous Vanguard set.

Then for the second time, as you’ll defeat him during “The Fearless Blade Mission,” you’ll get the upgrade for the Divine Beast Bixie and just like the first battle, some random pieces from Valarous Vanguard set.