Wild Hearts Karakuri Abilities And How To Unlock Them

Karakuri are magical devices in Wild Hearts that can be used for different constructions or to craft various items. These Wild Hearts karakuri abilities assist players during combat as well as exploration and traversal like finding a Kemono or a rare resource.

As you progress through the main story, you’ll come across different Kemonos and will be able to summon these Karakuri that will help you with your defense and resistance-based attacks.

Although the Karakuri abilities system in Wild Hearts can bring ease into players’ lives, most players are confused with this entirely new system. The Karakuri system comprises three major types. All these types have specific constructions and can be used for different purposes. 

  • Basic Karakuri
  • Dragon Karakuri
  • Fusion Karakui

Basic Karakuri

This is the simplest karakuri building mechanism in Wild Hearts and can be constructed quickly in the middle of combat. All the construction under this category can be destroyed by a Kemono with a single hit and are not permanent. The good thing is that building basic Karakuri doesn’t need a lot of resources to craft. 

To build a basic karakuri, players will need Karakuri thread. You can find these threads across the Thread rocks in Wild Hearts. Players thus need to mine these Karakuri threads and thus use these threads to craft some basic Karakuri. However, players can’t summon more than four basic Karakuri simultaneously.

Basic Karakuri in Wild Hearts are the cheapest and greatly help players during combat. This allows players to reach hard places in the game and gives players an ariel view, giving them an advantage over a Kemono.

Let’s discuss all six Basic Karakuri buildings in detail one by one:


The crate is unlocked as players start Wild Hearts and watch the in-game tutorial. These are in the form of boxes stacked one over the other to either climb up and reach high places or otherwise construct instant towers.

The HP of the Kemono is reduced as it hits the crate. It also stuns some smaller-sized kemono bosses, for a brief period.


Players first must defeat the Ragetail boss found in Harugasumi Way to unlock this Karakuri. This helps players to jump and gives them an aerial view so that players can have an overall advantage over a Kemono. It also helps players to get away from the Kemonos way in case the Kemono is huge, i.e., Sapscourge.


To unlock the torch, players need to defeat the Kingtusk boss. Players can use this to ignite their weapons during combat. The significant advantage of this is that players can illuminate the area around them, making it easy to identify resources and find Kemono.


The glider is unlocked right after players defeat the Spinegilder as they progress through the story in Wild Hearts. This will help players launch themselves in the air and slow down their descent.


This Karakuri must be purchased from the Karakuri menu in exchange for Kemono Orbs. This karakuri will help you create a platform to climb kemonos and use Hunter’s Arm.

Celestial Anchor

A Celestial Anchor is unlocked similarly to a stake. Players must purchase this from the Karakuri menu in exchange for Kemono orbs. This is the best Karakuri for players encountering the Kemono as it lets them reduce the distance between them and a Kemono.

Dragon Karakuri

Unlike Basic Karakuri, which are destroyed later, Dragon Karakuri in Wild Hearts are permanent and persist on maps even after you leave. These constructions require five resources to craft, including Leaf, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. All these resources are in the dragon pits of the region where the construction has to be made.

However, once the work has been done, players can destroy these Karakuri and recover their costs. Players can go to dragon pits by looking at swirling symbols on the map and then approach these pits, which will open up a menu.

Dragon pits

Players first need to unlock these Dragon pits, where players need to spend some cost. After the players have unblocked the Dragon pit, they can get the resources from it. However, not all dragon pits need to consist of the resources players require for dragon Karakuri.

Dragon Karakuri doesn’t aid players in the defense like Basic Karakuri. However, these are best to traverse different regions of the Azuma. Players can use these Karakuri to travel fast in the vast area of Wild hearts to find all the rare resources or maybe a Kemono.

Once these Karakuri are unlocked, players can place them anywhere in the region of Azuma; however, there’s a limit on how many Karakuri you can place in one region.

However, there are strange pools of energy players will find as they explore each map in Wild hearts. Players can increase the number of Dragon Karakuri summoned in a region by collecting crystals from these pools.

Therefore, to construct a Dragon Karakuri in a region, players must first find a Dragon pit and then activate it. On activating it, players can get the resources from it and then utilize them for construction. However, the Dragon Karakuri placed in a region depends on the energy limit in the nearest dragon pit. Therefore, it’s important to keep upgrading these dragon pits.

Dragon karakuri types

Flying Vine: Players can purchase this from the Karakuri menu in exchange for resources they obtain from the Dragon Pit. This helps players to traverse different areas easily by constructing a zipline and therefore is highly useful.

Hunting Tower: This can also be similarly purchased from the Kamakuri menu as Flying Vine. This also helps players to travel around the area fastly, thus making players hunt for Kemono or rare resources easier.

Roller: Similar to the previous two, you can purchase this from the Karakuri menu and help players traverse the Azume biome quickly. 

Besides these three, there are plenty of Dragon Karakuris; players must follow a similar way to unlock any of them. Go to Dragon pit, get the resources, and then buy that Karakuri from the Karakuri menu in exchange for these resources.

Dragon KarakuriUses
CampfireThis can be used to enhance Tsukumo
Hunter’s TentPlayers can use this to change the time and restore their health.
Field ForgeIt can be used to craft weapons and armor and change equipment, including, i.e. hiding the helmet.
SignDecorative Purposes.
Paddle ScoopThis will help you gather fish.
Ingredients ChestYou can use this to store food.
Wind VortexIt helps the protagonist to rise in the air.
LauncherIt can be used as a Catapults hunter.
BenchUsed for decorative purposes.
Small DeskUsed for decorative purposes.
SunshadeUsed for decorative purposes.
Ornamental GatewayUsed for decorative purposes.
Vermillion Picking JarThis will improve the food quality.
Tanuki StatueUsed for decorative purposes.
Hunter’s BathUsed for decorative purposes.
Wildlife PenIt will help you gather small creature parts.

Fusion Karakuri

As the name implies, Fusion Karakuri abilities in Wild Hearts are formed by the fusion of multiple basic Karakuri. The primary aim of these Karakuri is to counter the Kemono attack.

The Fusion Karakuri that players can summon depends on the four basic Karakuri that players have activated at that time. All these Karakuri require some awakening action.

Each Fusion Karakuri has a different set of keys you can press to summon. Most of these combinations are easy; however, some are difficult to remember. Players, however, can see the button combination from the Karakuri dropdown menu.

Players can use Fusion Karakuri to either create a strong defense against Kemono’s attack or strike damage to the Kemono. The Fusion Karakuri abilities in Wild Hearts can be unlocked by triggering a “Flash of Inspiration” when fighting against a Kemono.


A bulwark is unlocked as players engage themselves in the fight with Kingtusk. Players can use Bulwarks for their defense. They work similarly to crates but help players to resist the attack from stronger Kemonos, which crates cannot.

Players can form a Bulwark by placing (3×2) crates parallel to each other. Bulwarks can resist most attacks except the massive rolling attacks. Therefore, players must get aside if Kemono launches any such attack. 


Pounder is unlocked as players encounter the Spineglider and initiate the fight. This heavy weapon can be used to strike a huge amount of damage to a Kemono. Like crates, Pounder can stun the Kemono for some time, allowing players to attack as they want.


Starbomb is unlocked as players fight with Ragetail early in the game. Like Pounder, this is another Karakuri that assists players in damaging Kemono.

Chain Trap

To get the chain trap, players in Wild Hearts need to fight against the Deathstalker Kemono. Once unlocked, players can make the Kemono immobile using Chain Trap. When any Kemono falls prey to this Trap, its mobility stops for some time. However, the duration decreases with each use as the Kemono slowly learns to come out of it. 

Celestial Cannon

Celestial Cannon in Wild Hearts can strike the most damage on the Kemono. This Kamakuri collects the Celestial threads from its surrounding and then aim them at the Kemono. Although it’s a bit difficult to aim, if it hits the right spot, it can bring destruction to the Kemono.