Wild Hearts Kingtusk Boss Guide

Kingtusk, as the name suggests, resembles a giant boar and will be the third major kemono boss that players face in Wild Hearts.

Kingtusk is actively blocking the path to Minato city with its vines so it is up to the players to defeat Wild Hearts Kingtusk boss and clear the path so they can make their way to the city and progress with the story.

The massive size of Kingtusk comes at an advantage as it has numerous glowing weak spots. Targeting the weak points will not only deal damage but stop his repeated attacks. Using this strategy will stop this kemono right in his tracks. 

Kingtusk is by no means an easy boss, being much stronger than both Sapscourge and Ragetail combined.

Kingtusk location

In Wild Hearts, you will first encounter Kingtusk in Harugassumi Way after the fight with Sapscourge concludes. Soon after that, this Kemono sets out to travel on a predetermined path.

Regardless of where Kingtusk is roaming, you don’t need to worry about chasing and finding him. Wild Hearts has a nifty device called Hunting Tower which you can use to track the exact location of Kingtusk.


Hunting Towers uses Celestial Thread to track any monster in the vicinity and work by pressing and holding L2 on the console. 

Kingtusk weaknesses

Seeing the weakness of its body parts, the Head has the most stars which means you will be able to do high damage if you hit its head. But make sure to avoid hitting the tusk on its head, otherwise, you won’t be able to weaken it.

As Kingtusk is an early-stage boss, you won’t have the torch fusion karakuri during the first encounter but in subsequent fights, you should definitely use it as Fire is one of Kingtusk’s major weaknesses.

Kingtusk also has a weakness to ailments (except poison). Slash and Lunge attacks are better against Kingtusk so weapons like Maul and Cannon might not be ideal here.

How to defeat Kingtusk in Wild Hearts

Unlike your previous two bosses, you need to be patient with Kingtusk. If you charge right in, you are likely to die.

Try to play defensive rather than offensive

You should play defensively rather than playing offensively, because of its large size, its attacks are quite powerful. Kingtusk is a bit slow so dodging its attack wouldn’t be much of a problem for you. Your main focus should be dodging its attacks and waiting for an opening to attack it.

Use the Bulwark Fusion Karakuri

During your first fight against Kingtusk, you will get the chance to learn the Bulwark fusion karakuri. Whenever you see Kingtusk about to do a charge attack, build a bulwark (stack up 2 towers in a 2×3 formation of crates to transform into a bulwark).

The charging Kingtusk will hit the bulwark and get knocked backward, momentarily stunned for you to be able to deal good damage to it.

Target the soft spots

While fighting Bulwark, targeting the Weak Spots ensure the maximum damage and can also weaken the Kemono.

As you deal enough damage to Kingtusk, you should be able to see blue glowing spots on its hind legs. Grab onto those and use Hunter’s Arm to extract thread and supercharge your karakuri thread counter so you can build even more structures mid-combat.

Use Hunter’s Arm

As you already know, targeting the blue weak point of the boss will deal maximum damage. That said, if you combine that with Hunter’s Arm, you will not only destroy the weak points of Kingtusk but also stun him.

All you going to do is jump onto the Kingtusk by holding the R1 button and travel to the blue areas and use L2 to activate the Hunter’s Arm. Using Hunter’s Arms also comes with the advantage of charging the Karakuri Thread which you can use later on.

Kingtusk materials and drops

Once Kingtusk is defeated, the path to Minato should open up and you will receive materials from killing this kemono. These materials will help you to craft Basara armor and upgrade your existing weapon.

These materials are listed below:

  • Kingtusk Ivory
  • Kingtusk Horns
  • Kingtusk Hide
  • Kingtusk Bristle
  • Plum Scent Crystals
  • Rare Kingtusk seed
  • Basara Kemono Blood
  • Kingtusk Thorns
  • Basara Tears
  • Kingtusk’s Tail
  • Kingtusk Feathers

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