Wild Hearts Ragetail Boss Guide

Ragetail is an extremely ugly-looking kemono boss in Wild Hearts that resembles a rat. This fight is not so tricky as it serves more of a tutorial to certain gameplay systems.

However, that doesn’t mean you can deal with the Wild Hearts Ragetail boss without taking precautions or understanding the basics of the fight.

While fighting Ragetail, aside from general defensive strategies, you need to be careful of his tail as it will deal massive damage in a variety of attacks. To effectively defeat this kemono in rage mode, try to maintain some distance instead of doing counterattacks.

That being said, you do not really need to prepare that much before encountering Ragetail in the game.

Ragetail location

In Wild Hearts, Ragetail is one of the first bosses which can be found very close to the starting points of the game. That said, as soon as you travel south from the campsite in Harugasumi Way, you will come across Ragetail close to the ruins.

Ragetail weaknesses

Before we tell you about the weakness related to the attributes of the Gritdog, keep in mind that this Kemono is one of the weakest among all the bosses in Wild Hearts.


As the physical attribute weakness of Ragetail lies towards the Fire, therefore, choosing attacks related to that will do the most damage.

To deal further damage, you can add an Ablaze status ailment to your weapon as Gritdog is the weakest against that. Choosing weapons dealing in Slash and Pummel attacks will also add an additional advantage.

After choosing the weapon, the next thing you need to know is its weak points as hitting them will deal the most damage. The weak point of Ragetail is its Head which you can easily reach by mounting through its hind legs.

How to defeat Ragetail in Wild Hearts

Being one of the early-game bosses means that Ragetail is pretty easy to defeat. All you need to do is follow a simple strategy to take him down.

Use Karakuri Crates and Karakuri Bulwarks

The biggest key to a successful battle against Ragetail kemono in Wild Hearts is basic karakuri crates and fusion karakuri bulwarks. Although, unlocking the Bulwarks can take some time as you need to fight the Kingtusk for those.

These barriers are also useful for players with rechargeable weapons who can always hide behind these crates and emerge once the weapon is totally loaded.

Focus on weak points

The general strategy for defeating any Kemono boss is by targeting its weak points. As Ragetail’s weak point is its head, therefore, focusing on it will deal the most damage. When reaching toward the head, he will deal offensive bites and swipe attacks that will stop you right in your tracks.

Ragetail is a weak Kemono and has a habit of lunging forward whenever it attacks. The attacks he launches, however, are not so strong, and therefore Ragetail hits the crate, stunning or stopping it in its tracks. This is the ideal opportunity to deal some damage to the Ragetail without having to worry about dodging its attacks.

Take advantage of stun

Once Ragetail gets stunned after hitting the Karakuri, players need to start attacking the kemono. Try to target only a specific part of the body so you can farm some kemono orbs. Players should never try hitting its head when it’s not stunned as it is always ready to bite anything that comes their way.

Ragetail does most of the attacks using his tail or claws. Players should quickly get at the side whenever it wobbles the head, indicating his claw attack. However, the claw attack doesn’t deal as much damage as “tail-whip” can.

Ragetail will slam the tail whenever it lifts its body using its forelegs. In that case, players need to dodge backward and avoid the attack. Ragetail’s tail contains Ragetail Plum on the tip, a very important harvest. Try to focus on attacking and cutting off the tail first and foremost as it will remove one of the strongest attacks from Ragetail’s arsenal.

Severing the Ragetail’s tail will drop the Ragetail Plum. However, the significant advantage is as soon as players cut the tail, Ragetail won’t be able to use tail-whip attack anymore, which is its biggest strength.

Being a somewhat smaller kemono, the Ragetail is quite fast with its lunge attacks. As players understand the dynamics of its attack and start damaging it, it will run to the following location and try to heal itself.

Players must catch it before it’s fully healed, initiate combat, and finish it off. It will be much better for players if they have Flying Vines unlocked. It will help them catch it quickly.

Whenever Ragetail enters rage mode, it will be surrounded by a red circle and you should see a rotten grey tree appear behind it as the kemono screeches. It will also start to pummel the ground with its tail more frequently so you will need to watch out for this attack.

Use the help of Flying Vine

Among all the Kemono Bosses in Wild Hearts, Ragetail is one of the fastest ones therefore chasing him on foot will take ages.

By using the help of Flying Vine, you are not only going to chase him quickly but also retreat when this Kemono is in rage mode. If, however, you leave him unattended at the next location, he will start to heal himself which no one wants.

Ragetail materials and drops

As players fight the Ragetail boss and finish it off, they can obtain the following rewards:

  • Ragetail Pelt
  • Ragetail Claw
  • Ragetail Plum – attached to the tip of the tail
  • Rare Ragetail Pip
  • Young Warrior Kemono Blood
  • Small Plum Scent Crystal
  • Young Warrior Teardrops

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