Wild Hearts Spineglider Boss Guide

Spineglider is the 4th major hunt players will undertake in Wild Hearts and the first proper kemono hunt on the Spirit Isle/Natsukodachi Isle as a request from Toga-Hime.

Spineglider kemono looks a bit like a horned lizard-squirrel hybrid with water attacks and the ability to fly. As a defensive mechanism, Spineglider can build footholds that he can use to duck into when attacked. Therefore, the most effective thing while fighting this Kemono is to destroy those footholds.

The agile Wild Hearts Spineglider boss can be quite a challenge to defeat as he can turn water into mineral rocks and throw them as projectiles.  If you aren’t well prepared for the fight and don’t utilize the Spineglider’s attacks against itself, you are in for a great loss.

Spineglider location

Since the hunt for Spineglider kemono is part of the actual story, you will see a marker to the area once you reach Natsukodachi Isle. However, in case you don’t, build a Kemono Tower and it should mark the area for you.

Spineglider is actually waiting for you atop a wrecked ship as you reach the marked area. Once you are in the vicinity of Spineglider Cavern, a cutscene will trigger and the Spineglider boss jumps down to attack you.

Spineglider weaknesses

Physical WeaknessPummel
Elemental weaknessFire & Nature
Weak body partsBody and tail
Best weapon to fightMaul or Bow
Ailment weaknessesAll of them are equal

Spineglider has the ability to fly so it can jump off of higher areas and either do a bombing run over an area or spin around in circles as it reaches the ground. Both attacks can be quite deadly. The tail of the Spineglider can not only perform swing and sweep attacks but also do a damaging water spray.


To reach higher areas and spit at players, Spineglider can build its own spiral statues to climb.

Due to its small size, the Spineglider is very fast and can jump onto players in an instant so you should always be ready to dodge.

How to defeat Spineglider in Wild Hearts

The Spineglider is a frustrating foe that can irritate the player with its tricks and spinning abilities. It creates a structure to climb onto, gaining high ground with its spinning movements. Keep your distance once you see it climbing the structure. Either hug the statue or try to destroy it.

Alternatively, you can gain distance from the statue and put down some Spring Karakuri to avoid the attacks that follow.

Destroy the tail

The biggest threat from Spineglider comes from its tail. Not only can it use the tail to do swipe attacks, the tail also allows it to build those aforementioned structures. In the later stages of the fight against Spineglider kemono, the boss will fill up its tail with water into a giant balloon and then perform bouncing attacks all around the area.

To help you dealing with these annoying tail attacks, focus on attacking the Spineglider’s tail. If you successfully manage to cut the tail, you will severely limit its moveset.

Avoid the horn attacks

Throughout the fight, Spineglider will regularly lower its head and prepare for a charge. Be ready to dodge this as it will try to hit you with the horn. Another variation of a horn attack is when the Spineglider digs into the ground with its horn. It will pull out a few boulders and throw them toward you. Make sure you dodge them or you will be knocked down.

Use Pounder Karakuri

This is the second fight in Wild Hearts where players will learn a fusion karakuri. Stacking three spring karakuri on top of each other will create a giant hammer that can hit Spineglider and knock it down. Whenever you see the spineglider slowing down or even climbing those structures it builds with its tail, build a pounder karakuri to stun and knock it with the giant hammer.

Fire is your friend

The torch karakuri or any other way of dealing fire damage will go a long way in helping you win this fight. Since Spineglider is weak to fire, just put down a torch and move through it to engluf your weapon in fire for a few attacks.

These attacks will now deal bonus damage to Spineglider, helping you kill this Wild Hearts kemono with ease.

Spineglider materials and drops

Once the Spineglider has been defeated, you will get a random amount of the drops that are part of this boss’s loot table.

The materials that a Spineglider drops are:

  • Spineglider Horn
  • Spineglider Dripstone
  • Spineglider Hide
  • Spineglider Claw
  • Rare Spineglider Brine
  • Small Zephyr Crystal

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