Wild Hearts Dragon Pits Explained: How To Use And Upgrade

While exploring the maps of Wild Hearts, you must have noticed small purple-ish energy spirals all over the places. These are called dragon pits and play a huge role in one of the unique systems of Wild Hearts that set it apart from Monster Hunter games; building.

Yes, that is correct, with the help of these Wild Hearts Dragon Pits, players can build persistent structures all over the maps to help them in their hunts.

How Dragon Pits work in Wild Hearts

Dragon Pits are essentially resource generators for dragon karakuri and also “cleanse” the area, allowing you to build dragon karakuri in the vicinity from a pool of materials unlocked through the pit.

Whenever you unblock a dragon pit, you gain energy towards certain elements like fire or water. That energy is required to build dragon karakuri structures like Field Forge, Camp, Flying Vines, and more.

The more you increase a dragon pit’s capacity by upgrading it, the more structures you can build within that pit’s area, shown in the bottom right of the screen.

Upgrading these dragon pits is essential to altering the map according to your hunting style so that you can move across using gliders or have different camps set up for fast travel and respawn should you perish during a hunt.

How to upgrade a Dragon Pit

When you open a dragon pit’s screen you will notice different colored dragon symbols. Those symbols will be in 4 colors; green, yellow, red, and grey.

The grey symbols show that you haven’t unblocked the dragon pit yet. While the ones in red are those you have activated but don’t have enough resources to upgrade. The yellow symbol means you can upgrade the Dragon Pit and green refers to upgrades already acquired.

To upgrade Dragon pit, you will need different resources like crystals, ores, etc. You will find these resources from a Kemono corpse and while looking for one to fight. As soon as you get the resources, you must get to the nearest Dragon pit and try to activate it.

Finding the nearest Dragon Pit is a simple job. All you have to do is look at the lower right corner of the screen, and there you will see the name of the pit closest to you in Wild Hearts. The map shows all the dragon pits in the region so you can easily navigate to the one you need.

If you have the needed resources, you can activate the pit; if not, you need to collect more. When a Dragon Pit is activated, you will notice that pit also has some stats. These stats basically represents the Earth, Wind, Wood, Fire, and Water energy reserves.

You need to continue to find and activate Dragon pits in Wild hearts until you find some Dragon pit where you can deploy the Dragon Karakuri. The dragon karakuri you can place nearby will be determined by the remaining energy limit of the dragon pit.

At the start, it may seem a bit complicated or lengthy procedure, but as you progress through the game, these will help you a lot and make your journey a lot smoother.

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