Wild Hearts Hunter’s Arm: How To Activate And Use

Hunter's Arm is a tool in Wild Hearts that you can use to target the weak spots of the Kemono...

Hunter’s Arm is a tool in Wild Hearts that you can use to target the weak spots of the Kemono and deal significant damage. However, the real reason to use the Hunter’s Arm is to gain an overcharge of celestial karakuri threads without having to harvest them mid-combat. You can get this tool pretty early in the game, so the things like how to activate and use Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts might have come to your mind.

How to unlock and active Hunter’s Arm

Unlocking the Hunter Arm is one of the most straightforward jobs in Wild Hearts. Simply progress through the story and build your camp. Yes, that is all that you need to do. This tool will unlock automatically as you build your camp in Wild Hearts.

Though the game doesn’t teach you how to activate and use it, you have to do that by testing. The method to master this tool is to take out enemies you have already defeated. Because taking out Kemonos you have already defeated is a far easier job as you know how to tackle them.

Once you learn it properly, you can progress through the game and use it on Kemonos along with the weaponry.

How to use Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts

When it comes to using this tool in Wild Hearts, it is a relatively straightforward process. Before we move towards using Hunter’s arm, you must first target Kemono using Karakuri and other weapons you have in Wild Hearts.

Once you have dealt enough damage to the Kemono, some weak or soft spots will appear on their body. Once the spots appear, you can use the Hunter’s Arm on the kemono to gain an overcharge of Karakur threads.

Mount the Kemono

The first step in using this tool in Wild Hearts is getting on the Kemono. Getting on or climbing the Kemono is a simple thing. All you have to do is head towards it, and as you get close enough to the Kemono, jump and hold R1 if you are playing on a PlayStation and RB for Xbox.

After that, you can use normal control to move on the body. Moving on the body is important as well. The reason behind that is you can’t use Hunter’s Arm anywhere on the body. You need to locate weak spots to use this tool.

Since grabbing on and moving on the kemono’s body consumes stamina, it is best if you jump and hold on to a section of the body near the weak glowing spot. For example, if the weak spot in on its back near the head, you will probably run out of stamina and fall if you grab near the monster’s hind legs and try to climb all the way up.

Target the glowing spots

Always try to mount the kemono from the side where the blue glowing spots are close, so you don’t have to move much. After climbing the Kemono and getting to the glowing spot, you will see a prompt on the screen.

As you see the prompt, if you are playing on PlayStation, use L2 to use it. On the other hand, if you are the one playing Wild Hearts on Xbox, then you can use the LT.

Using this tool, you can significantly damage the kemono and even fill the Karakuri threads. If your karakuri thread capacity is at 15, using Hunter’s Arm during a fight will grant you 20+ threads for a short while so you can build even more karakuri buildings.

We recommend you use this in battle whenever you can, as it can help you a lot in hunting down kemono in Wild Hearts.

There is also a side quest in the Guild of Fishermen’s Job. This quest is called Hunter’s Mighty Arm. Using this tool two times will complete this quest for you in Wild Hearts.

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