Dragon’s Dogma 2 Out Of The Forest, Into The Forge Walkthrough

Help Doireann make Nutriabh to get Scalecinder in Dragon's Dogma 2.

Despite being a relatively easy quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Out of the Forest, Into the Forge tests your patience since it requires a lot of traveling if you aren’t using Ferrystones or have portcrystals placed at Sacred Arbor and Bakbattahl.

Once you have saved Glyndwr’s sister, Doireann, you will find out that she is responsible for taking care of the Arborheart, the tree that is sacred to the elves of Sacred Arbor. Doireann will ask for your help in restoring the tree to its glory, starting The Ailing Arborheart quest.

From Sara, the blacksmith in Bakbattahl, you will find out that the Dwarf, Brokkr, who can give you Scalecinder for The Ailing Arborheart, loves an elven dish by the name of Nutriabh. Now you need to bring that dish to Brokkr’s Smithy. This will start Out of the Forest, Into the Forge quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

As the first step, make your way back to Sacred Arbor. If you don’t remember where it is, check out the map below.

Talk to Doireann, and she will tell you that she can make Nutriabh for you, but it is a disgusting dish and, as such, requires some ingredients people won’t normally consider using. You will have to find rotten apples and fish for her if you want her to make Nutriabh.

How to gather ingredients for Nutriabh

You can purchase both of these from different areas. For the apple, you can visit the vendor at the Border Watch Outpost and purchase one for 100 Gold. However, to buy the Shorefish, you can go to Harve Village in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and buy this item for 50 Gold each.

If you aren’t interested in running around so much and spending gold on these items, you can also find them quite easily from the area around Sacred Arbor. Check near trees for apples and the lake within Sacred Arbor itself should have some fish.

Now that you have both items, you must keep them until they become rotten. For that matter, you can find a nearby bench or a campsite and spend approximately three days there.


Make sure the items are in your inventory and not storage. You and your pawns shouldn’t have the Stasis augment either as that slows down decay. Similarly, remove a pawn with Logistician specialization so they don’t convert the ingredients into Dried Fruit or Fish.

You can check your inventory and find the Rotten Apple and Rotten Shorefish there, so you can simply proceed to Sacred Arbor to continue the events of the quest Out of the Forest, Into the Forge.

Deliver the rotten apple and shorefish to Doireann

Head over to The Arborheart and speak with the Doireann there. She will ask you if you have found Gwyfencha, a.k.a. Scalecinder, so you can inform her that a dwarven blacksmith has some in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Hand over the rotten ingredients to Doireann and she will make some Nutriabh for you. A little cutscene will play where she cooks this specific dish. She will also talk about the history of the elven dish Nutriabh so you can hear her out. After Doireann’s conversation ends, she will reward you with a Ferrystone that her brother gave to her.


Ensure you have a Portcrustal at Bakbattahl and Scared Arbor so you can fast travel between these two areas and save a lot of time during the quest.

This time, Doireann wishes to accompany you to Bakbattahl. If you have a portcrystal there, use a ferrystone and she will teleport along with you. Otherwise, you will have to make the long journey yourself while making sure Doireann doesn’t die.

Even though the dish Nutriabh is made from rotten fruit and fish, it can get spoiled. So once Doireann has made Nutriabh, the passage of time will affect Out of the Forest, Into the Forge quest. Make sure you return to Bakbattahl as quickly as possible, and do not waste time doing other quests.


To prevent Doireann from missing in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Out of the Forest, Into the Forge, ensure you see her yellow marker on the map before fast-traveling. If the game bugs out or Doireann gets lost, you can travel back to the Sacred Arbor to find her again.

Meet Sara at Brokkr’s Smithy

Once you reach Bakbattahl, you must head south and make your way to Brokkr’s Smithy. The dwarven blacksmith Brokkr won’t be there, so you can meet his assistant, Sara. She will be surprised to meet Doireann and will inquire if you have brought the elven dish along with you.

Sara will ask you and Doireann to accompany her to the cavern where they dump the excess Scalecinder. You can follow her to this particular place, and another cutscene will ensue. Brokkr will make an appearance, and he will not be happy to see the elf.

He will complain about it so that Doireann will give him the elven dish, Nutriabh. Brokkr will then take his leave, so at this point, Sara will tell you to go inside the cavern and find Scalecinder in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Head inside the Cavern to collect Scalecinder

Now, you can simply enter the cavern with Doireann and look around to collect five pieces of Scalecinder. This is particularly easy to find, as you only need to spot the little piles of yellow dust scattered in different parts of the cavern.

Destroy the vases and boxes inside the cavern to find Scalecinder, which looks like the yellow powder seen in the image above. Once you have collected 5x Scalecinder, head outside and talk to Sara and Doireann. Give the Scalecinder to Doireann and she will thank you and depart for Sacred Arbor.

Completing Out of the Forest, Into the Forge in Dragon’s Dogma 2 gives you 13,000 Gold and Warbler Capelet.

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