V Rising Undead Commander Location, Boss Fight

The Undead Commander Boss Fight and its Location are covered in detail throughout this V Rising guide. We’ll walk you through all the information you need about the Undead Commander Boss Fight, including his location, fight strategy, and rewards, to make it a walk in the park for you.

V Rising Undead Commander Location

The Undead Commander can be found in two locations in V Rising. These two locations are the Church of the Damned and the Haunted Mine, both located in the Dunley Farmlands region.

The exact location of these two areas is marked in the map image below. Note that these areas are filled with other types of enemies, so be prepared before you travel to them.

Recommended Level to Defeat Undead Commander

The Undead Commander is a Level 49 boss in V Rising. He’s one of the weaker mid-game bosses in the game, so there’s no need to be intimidated by him. If your gear level is 45 or above, you shouldn’t have much trouble taking the Undead Commander down.

How to Defeat Undead Commander

In this boss fight, the Undead Commander will be using a special weapon called the “General’s Soul Reaper.” The Undead Commander will use this special scythe to perform a wide variety of attacks.

The scythe has quite a long-range, and the Undead Commander uses this. He will perform several sweeps and slash attacks with his scythe, which reaches out quite far in front of him.

He will pull his scythe back horizontally when he’s about to perform a sweep/slash attack. When he does that, try to get behind him to be able to counter the attack.

A few of the Undead Commander’s attacks will deal AoE damage. When he is about to perform an AoE attack, he will raise his scythe in the air and keep it there for around two seconds. He’ll then slam it on the ground, dealing damage in a small radius around him.

Due to the long charge-up animation of this AoE attack, this attack is extremely easy to dodge and punish. You can get a few hits while he’s charging up and then punish him again after you dodge the attack. Punishing this attack is the best way to deal damage to him.

The Undead Commander will also perform a projectile attack with his scythe, where he shoots out three shards in front of him.

The Undead Commander’s most powerful attack up his sleeve is when he pulls his scythe back like he’s about to perform a sweep. Instead, he starts spinning around fast while moving forward, slicing through anything standing before him.

To dodge this attack, you need to get behind him as soon as you see him pull his scythe back. The attack does not track the player, so you’ll be able to dodge it with ease, and it’ll give you a chance to deal some more damage.

That’s all there is to the Undead Commander’s moveset. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to take him down in no time.

Undead Commander Rewards

The Undead Commander drops the following rewards:

The General’s Soul Reaper Orb of Knowledge is the recipe book for the General’s Soul Reaper, arguably the best weapon in V Rising.

After getting the Orb of Knowledge, return to your castle and open the Smithy. The option to craft the General’s Soul Reaper will appear on the menu. To craft it, you’ll need the following ingredients:

To give you an idea of how powerful the General’s Soul Reaper is, we have listed its stats below.

  • +18.5 Physical Power
  • +25% Physical Damage to Undead
  • +6 Spell Power
  • +5% Spell Critical Strike Chance