How to Build a Roof in V Rising

You’re a vampire in V Rising, meaning that sunlight is your mortal enemy. You’ll have to eventually build yourself a castle where a roof becomes pretty important. The following guide will show you how to build a roof for your castle in V Rising.

How to Build a Roof in V Rising

You firstly need a room in your castle to lay down its roof. The room, however, needs to be specifically designed to unlock an option for a roof.

You need to build the entire room out of Reinforced Walls. You also need to cover the room’s ground by laying down a complete floor. Finally, remember to have a Reinforced Entrance in the room for you to enter.

When all of the walls are reinforced and the floorings is complete, you will be automatically prompted to add a roof over the room. You’re likely messed up when building your room if the roof doesn’t appear. Check the walls again to make sure they are all connected.

Just note beforehand that Palisades is not considered walls so use something else instead. You can use stone bricks and planks to make a room. You can then progress to the flooring section and you can pick anything from the floors option. Just be careful about the type of flooring. If you want to work with grinders then you should use the workshop flooring.

You don’t have to manually build a roof for a room in V Rising. The game will do the job for you when the room is ready.

Roof Not Working / Disappeared / Bug

You might encounter a bug in V Rising which removes your roof. Since vampires are sensitive to sunlight, not having a roof will affect their health.

The problem has been addressed since the game was released, but players are still reportedly facing the bug now and then. If you have lost your roof as well, you can fix the problem by replacing your walls with new ones.

However, this is not a permanent solution. You’ll most probably have to do it every day. Later on in the game, you’ll have expanded your castles all over the place. You’ll hence have to replace a lot of your walls. Let’s hope that this bug is permanently fixed soon.

You can also set up some Mist Braziers (avoids sun rays) in the castle or simply sleep in coffins to avoid sunlight as a counter to the roof being bugged.

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