How To Get Ghost Shrooms In V Rising

Ghost Shroom is a magical mushroom that is one of many types of resources you’ll have to gather in V Rising. It is a consumable item that helps boost your stamina. The following guide will tell you where to get Ghost Shrooms in V Rising for your crafting needs.

V Rising Ghost Shrooms Farm Locations

Your best and only bet to find Ghost Shrooms is in the Cursed Forest, which is incidentally one of the best farming areas for a variety of materials and resources in V Rising.

The Cursed Forest is located in the far northern area of the map. While you can come across Ghost Shrooms all over the area, they are found in abundance in the Nest of the Curse Weaver which is in the western section of the Cursed Forest. This is also where you have to fight Matka, the Curse Weaver.

For your own reference, you can hover over an area on the map to see its important loot. Nest of the Curse Weaver, for example, highlights Ghost Shrooms as an important look, meaning that you have a greater chance of finding the item here.

Start exploring the Nest of the Curse Weaver and you’ll notice a lot of Ghost Shrooms growing on either side of the pathways. They glow blue if you’re wondering what they look like. Interact with them to collect and add to your inventory.

Another area where you can farm Ghost Shrooms in V Rising is Ancient Village. Ancient Village has a couple of different locations around the Cursed Forest region which can be seen on the map below.

In and around the Ancient Village, there are lots of Witches who can be farmed for Ghost Shroom drops. Along with that, they can also be collected from near trees and can also be found growing in the ground.

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