V Rising Gear Progression Guide

Unfamiliar with Gear Progression in V Rising? Worry not; we have got you covered. Our V Rising Gear Progression guide walks you through how gear progression works in general in the game, how gear score is calculated, how to increase gear score in V Rising, and how you can achieve max gear score for your armor of choice or gear in the game.

V Rising Gear Progression

V Rising has a different take on how you earn experience to level up. The Gear Score of your currently equipped gear determines your level. Gear Score is the sum of the power levels of all items a player uses in the game.

Wondering what might be your Gear Score? You can view your gear score either through your inventory or by checking the number by your health bar in-game.

Your Gear Score will change as you equip and unequip certain items. So, don’t be shocked if your Gear Score suddenly changes as you switch between items.

Gear Score Explained

You must be perplexed as to what to do with the Gear Score. For starters, Gear Score is unimportant when fighting PvP. However, if you take on an NPC, Gear Score is crucially significant.

If your gear score is higher than the NPC you’re currently fighting, you should be able to easily win that battle. However, if you have a lower Gear Score, you’re going to take a beating.

Pay attention to the color of an enemy’s level and health bar whenever you face them in V Rising. The color determines how difficult or easy an enemy is.

Red indicates that the fight is too difficult to handle, and if the Gear Score difference is too great, a skull will appear instead of a color, and the fight will result in your death. You’ll need to find some good armor to change the odds.

How to Increase Gear Score

You can increase your Gear Score by simply equipping items with higher Gear Score values. Simply equip the items with the highest Gear Score values to achieve the highest Gear Score.

Hover over the inventory to see your items’ Gear Score. You can also check an item’s Gear Score before crafting it by hovering over the recipe in the crafting window.

To keep up with the Gear Score, simply finish the game quests and use your Blood Altar to track down and kill increasingly powerful bosses. Defeating the difficult bosses will unlock recipes that will allow you to craft stronger weapons and armor.

Max Gear Score

The max gear score in V Rising is 80. Still, if you want to push more, you can rely on consumables, abilities, planning, and skills to grow stronger beyond level 80.

The baseline maximum level is 80; however, the maximum Gear Score is 81 because certain armor set synergy bonuses grant you an additional +1 Gear Score.

This is a possibility that the maximum Gear Score might increase with the latest updates as the developers add more late-game regions to explore. If that happens we’ll keep you informed but as of now, 80 is the max limit you can reach.

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