How to Get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising

Exquisite Hearts are rare consumables and are one of the hardest resources to acquire in V Rising. This guide will discuss how to get Exquisite Hearts in V Rising and mentions some of the best farm locations.

V Rising Exquisite Hearts Farm Locations

Exquisite Hearts are reagents in V Rising. Farming them can be a tough job since they are one of the rarest in-game items to collect.

However, there are a few locations where you can get these rare items in V Rising, such as:

  • Silverlight Hills
  • Dunley Farmlands
  • Cursed Farmlands

Silverlight Hills

The first location to get Exquisite Hearts is at the Silverlight Hills, Brighthaven Square. This area is filled with Knights as their main enemies. Therefore, make sure to be well-armed when going into the area.

The next place in Silverlight Hills, which provides many Exquisite Hearts, is the Brighthaven Cathedral. The main mob in this area is the Paladin, and you must defeat at least 68+ enemies before you can farm the Hearts.

Since most of you will go up against enemies with Holy attacks in their arsenal, it’s best to use Holy Resistance Flask against them.

Dunley Farmlands

Dunley Farmlands is the central part of the map, due to which you get access to all nearby locations, helping you find a variety of farming spots.

If you’re looking to farm Exquisite Hearts, the Dunley Farmlands is your place. The first area you’ll head into will be the Gloomgrave Village.

This village consists of werewolves, so you must be at level 60 or above to even think about fighting them.

Once you’ve reached a higher level, head into the area at night, fight the werewolves’ and receive Exquisite Hearts as a reward.

Abandoned Farm is also a recommended place to visit once you’re at a higher level since this area has been taken over by werewolves that provide you with Exquisite Hearts when defeated.

Cursed Farmlands

When finding Exquisite Hearts, the last location to visit is at the Cursed Farmlands, Lurker Dwelling. This area is full of cursed creatures ranging from Cursed Bears to Night lurkers.

The next area you’ll head into would be the Witch Hunt. The area’s name pretty much gives away the type of enemies you’ll face. The Witch Hut consists of powerful witches that give you many rare items such as the Exquisite Hearts when defeated.

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