Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Best Multiclass Combos and Class Combinations

Multiclass is a feature in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, that allows you to fuse two different classes together and get access to both of their skills and unique abilities.

There are six classes in the game at present, meaning that you can have five class combos at maximum.

The following guide will explain how to unlock Multiclass in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and the best Multiclass combos you can go for each class.

How To Unlock Multiclass In Tiny Tina’s Wonderland

To unlock Multiclass in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, you must spend 10 hours into the game at the minimum and must have completed most of the main story till the point where you’ve finished the entire Emotion of the Ocean mission.

Once you’ve completed the game this far, you’ll unlock the ability to select a secondary class.

The secondary class will be mixed with your primary class giving you access to both classes’ abilities. Any class that can be chosen as primary is available to be picked as a secondary class.

The secondary class you choose will be permanent until the end of the game. After you have beaten the game, you will be able to change your secondary class freely.

Although you can choose and make any combination work, some classes complement each other’s abilities and have clear synergies. Therefore, it’s best to make your decision wisely.

Best Class Combos In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

There are six unique classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland and below we’ve given their best class combination.

  • Brr-Zerker
  • Graveborn
  • Clawbringer
  • Spellshot
  • Spore Warden
  • Stabbomancer

Best Brr-Zerker Multiclass

Ber-Zerker/Graveborn Combo

Graveborn class allows players to sacrifice their health to launch devastating dark magic attacks. This ability frequently leaves you in low health and can be fatal if a hoard of enemies surrounds you.

Ber-Zerker’s line of attack depends upon slowing the enemy down with frost and then using a heavy melee attack while they are slow. Additionally, the Dreadwind ability allows you to get out of a jam when enemies surround you.

By combining Graveborn and Ber-Zerker, you can easily deal heavy damage, and when you are low on health, you can use Ber-Zerker’s abilities to get out of there.

The Demi-Lich companion also comes in handy when you are in a fix.

Best Graveborn Multiclass

Graveborn/Clawbringer Combo

Being two of the best classes put together as one, this is arguably one of the strongest combos used in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. The Graveborn + Clawbringer Combo will kill off an enemy’s health within a short period of time making them an overpowered class combo.

On one side we have Graveborn; despite using up all its health over time, can still manage to pull out enhance attacks that will totally destroy enemy targets.

On the other side you have Clawbringer; a warrior class that calls fire and thunder from the sky upon their targets to deal damage, leaving the enemy incapable of dealing attacks.

Best Clawbringer Multiclass

Clawbringer/Spellshot Combo

This is probably one of the most versatile class combos you’ll use in the game. Using Clawbringer and Spellshot together will cause destruction upon the enemy, wiping out their entire existence on the battlefield with ease.

Clawbringer is one powerful class, its main damage input is based upon elector and pyro while Spellshot on the other hand are wizards that will go as far as converting their opponents into animals just to assist Clawbringer, resulting in an Elite class combo that no one dares to cross paths with.

Best Spellshot Multiclass

Spellshot/Spore Warden Combo

Another great combination is Spellshot and Spore Warden. The Spellshot class relies heavily on spells and magic. It is a difficult class to master for beginners as you have to keep an eye on the cooldowns constantly.

Spore Warden is one of the most versatile classes in the game. The majority of the abilities of the Spore Warden class rely heavily on distance and speed. The frost tornadoes will cause panic amongst enemies.

Pairing Spellshot and Spore Warden will allow us to overcome the shortcomings of each class’s abilities. Spellshot class has a cooldown timer for most of its spells.

This is where Spore Warden’s Mushroom Companion ability comes into play. It will distract enemies, allowing you to regroup and refresh your spells.

After unlocking the ‘War Caster’ skill, the ‘Sever the Thread’ skill will allow you to instantly reload your gun and refresh your spells after you get a critical hit or a kill. You won’t ever have to manually reload your gun with this ability.

Best Spore Warden Multiclass

Sporewarden/Stabbomancer Combo

Being nature-based, Sporewarden is a class of people that can summon tornadoes upon their target to sideline them from any battlefield.

Pairing this class with an assassin such as the Stabbomancer will surely be a recipe be of pure brute strength and carnage on the battlefield as Stabbomancer is known to be lethal killers that will do anything they can do to achieve a critical hit with each attack the Sporewarden executes, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Spore Warden/Clawbringer Combo

This combination is one of the most powerful combinations if utilized correctly. The Spore Warden’s abilities include frost tornadoes, and its mushroom companion has poison attacks such as spore cloud.

On the other hand, Clawbringer can create fire novas, and its Wyvern companion also breathes fire. If you choose the Storm Dragon’s Judgment, you can use solid lightning attacks.

If we combine both of these classes, we will have 4 out of 5 attack types in our arsenal, giving us control of the battlefield in most situations. If you want all 5, you can include Dark Magic Spells.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Multiclass Tier list

Tier Class
S-Tier Spore Warden
A-Tier Graveborn
B-Tier Clawbringer

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