How To Fast Travel In The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a massive open world that runs for around 88 square miles. It is going to take you at least half an hour to ride from one end to the other, and that is provided there are no obstacles or enemies in the way.

This is where fast traveling comes into play. There are numerous signposts scattered across different parts of the map. These help you fast-travel to another location in the game and save crucial time that can then be spent on completing quests or finding gear such as the Wolven armor set.

The following guide will explain more about how you can fast-travel using signposts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How to unlock fast travel in The Witcher 3

You will unlock the fast-travel feature early on in the game. You will discover your first signpost as soon as you reach the town with Vesemir, which serves as a kind of tutorial section.

There are a total of 228 signposts to find and use in the game. Once you discover a new signpost during your travels in The Witcher 3, the fast-travel location will be marked on your map with a green signpost icon. These will help you to find the closest fast-travel location in case of emergency, albeit you cannot fast-travel if you are in combat.

Interacting with a signpost will open up the map. You then need to select another signpost to fast-travel to. When done, you will start off from the selected signpost location. Depending on your platform, there might be a short loading screen that should last a few seconds.

Keep in mind that you can only fast-travel to signposts that have been discovered, meaning that you will need to first physically ride on Roach to discover all signposts.

You can also fast-travel by sea but that works a bit differently. You need to find harbors instead of signposts which are marked with anchor signs on the map.

Head to a harbor and sit in a boat. You can also find boats elsewhere on the shores. They are not exclusive to harbors. Open the map and click on any harbor that you have discovered to fast-travel there.

Furthermore, if you sail to the edges of the explorable seas, you can open the map to fast-travel to any harbor or signpost in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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