How To Fast Travel In The Witcher 3

Reduce your daily steps by fast traveling to places instead of walking.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt features a massive open world that runs for around 88 square miles. It is going to take you at least half an hour to ride from one end to the other, and that is provided there are no obstacles or enemies in the way.

This is where fast traveling comes into play. There are numerous signposts scattered across different parts of the map. These signposts help you fast-travel to another location in The Witcher 3 and save crucial time that can then be spent on completing quests or finding gear such as the Wolven armor set.

How to unlock fast travel in The Witcher 3

You will unlock the fast-travel feature early on in the game. You will discover your first signpost as soon as you reach White Orchard with Vesemir, which is the first playable area in the game, following the tutorial section.

There are 228 signposts (which serve as fast travel points) to find and use in the game. Once you discover a new signpost during your travels in The Witcher 3, the fast-travel location will be marked on your map with a green signpost icon. These will help you to find the closest fast-travel location in case of emergency, albeit you cannot fast-travel if you are in combat.

Interacting with a signpost will open up the map. You then need to select another signpost to fast-travel to. When done, you will start from the selected signpost location. Depending on your platform, there might be a short loading screen that should last up to a minute. On next-gen platforms such as the PS5, the loading screen lasts for mere seconds.

With the next-gen update, there is now a new fast travel signpost in the game, inside the castle at Crow’s Perch. However, you need to complete Bloody Baron’s questline to be able to use the Crow’s Perch/Castle Village signpost in The Witcher 3.

Keep in mind that you can only fast-travel to signposts that have been discovered, meaning that you will need to first physically visit each signpost before they become available for fast travel.

How to Fast Travel by sea in The Witcher 3

You can also fast-travel by sea, but that works a bit differently. You need to find harbors instead of signposts which are marked with anchor signs on the map. Once you are in a boat, you can open the map and find these anchor signs, and this way, you will be able to avail the Witcher 3 fast travel by boat option.

You can also find boats elsewhere on the shores. They are not exclusive to harbors. Open the map and click on any harbor that you have discovered to fast-travel there.

Furthermore, if you sail to the edges of the explorable seas, you can open the map to fast-travel to any harbor or signpost in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Fast travel to certain areas like Kaer Morhen and Skellige becomes available as you progress through the story.

In certain cases, it may seem like fast travel isn’t working, but this problem isn’t a bug and can be isolated to two things. Firstly, make sure you have a discovered signpost so you can use it to travel to where you need to go, and secondly, make sure you don’t have signpost visibility turned off in the map filter section.

The Witcher 3 Fast Travel from Anywhere mod

The Fast Travel From Anywhere mod can break those lengthy journeys on your quest and will enable you to travel fast to any particular location without a signpost. In short, you will be able to teleport out of caves, buildings, etc., with relative ease.

The fast travel from anywhere mod in TW3, essentially allows you to travel to wherever you need to go without having to seek out a signpost fast travel point. For the next-gen update of the game, there is a separate fast travel mod that you can find on Nexusmods. You can download the Fast Travel From Anywhere (next-gen) mod for the Next Gen update in The Witcher 3

Alternatively, you can use console commands to teleport yourself to specific coordinates or locations. To do this, simply open the console command box by pressing the ‘~’ key and typing in xy(x, y), where you would replace the x and y in the brackets with coordinates.


Type in goto(place) in the command console of The Witcher 3 to fast travel to any location you choose. It doesn’t even have to be a signpost! For example, writing gotoKaerMorhen will allow you to fast travel to Kaer Morhen and teleport you to the keep entrance.

Exploring all the areas of The Witcher 3 and unlocking at least 100 signposts for fast travel earns you the Globetrotter achievement, so it is worth exploring just for the achievement.

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