How To Find And Kill Ice Elementals In The Witcher 3

Learn how to deal with the walking blocks of ice.

Ice Elementals are hulking masses of frost, ice, and powerful magic with the sole purpose of killing in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are actually more similar to Earth Elementals than the Fire Elementals you will encounter in the game.

With a large health pool and a permafrost body to absorb large amounts of damage, you will need to be careful around Ice Elementals because they can easily trap you in a cage of ice before pounding the living daylights out of you.

Belonging to the Elementa class in the bestiary, the following guide will tell you how to defeat Ice Elementals and their weaknesses in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Witcher 3 Ice Elemental locations

Due to their elemental nature, Ice Elementals can only be found in Skellige, and even then, they are a rare spawn. They will be guarding some of the Bear School Gear, such as the Ursine silver sword.

You will also have to fight some ice elementals during your fight against the Wild Hunt. Caranthir, for example, will summon Ice Elementals to attack you during his encounter in On Thin Ice.

How to kill Ice Elementals

The first thing to know is that Ice Elementals are immune to fire. Despite being their natural counter, casting Igni will have no effect on them. They are also immune to poison, so your poisoned blades will do nothing.

The only thing that Ice Elementals are weak to in The Witcher 3 are Dimeritium bombs. The cloud of silver will block their magic and stop them from doing some of their high-damaging attacks. Dimeritium will also make them more susceptible to your silver sword. Make sure that Geralt is not using his steel sword.

If you are facing the Ice Elementals on Death March difficulty in The Witcher 3, then it is suggested that you use either Enhanced Dimeritium or Superior Dimeritium, as these bombs will be highly effective against these monsters.


You can also use a Cat potion and Thunderbolt paired with a Grapeshot (bomb) to defeat an Ice Elemental with relative ease in TW3.

DimeritiumBlocks magical abilities.5x Saltpeter, 2x Optima Mater
Enhanced DimeritiumBlocks magical abilities for a longer duration.1x Dimeritium Bomb, 1x Stammelford’s Dust, 1x Optima Mater, 1x Powdered Pearl, 1x Blowball, 1x Ginatia Petals, 1x Bloodmoss
Superior DimeritiumBlocks magical abilities even after the cloud dissipate. 1x Enhanced Dimeritium Bomb, 1x Alchemists’ Powder, 2x Optima Mater, 2x Powdered Pearl, 2x Puffball, 2x Bloodmoss, 1x Nigerdo

Furthermore, like with all Elementa monsters, applying some Elementa Oil will allow you to do increased damage to Ice Elementals.

Elementa oil+10% attack power against Elementa1x Dog Tallow, 4x Puffball
Enhanced Elementa oil+25% attack power against Elementa1x Elementa Oil, 1x Bear Fat, 1x Moleyarrow, 1x Puffball, 1x Allspice, 1x Honeysuckle, 1x Buckthorn
Suprerior Elementa oil+50% attack power against Elementa1x Enhanced Elementa Oil, 1x Alchemy Paste, 1x Nostrix, 1x Essence of Wraith, 1x Allspice, 1x Honeysuckle, 1x Albedo

When it comes to your signs, always have a Quen shield up to mitigate their damage. In addition, Yrden works great to slow down Ice Elementals. This is important because you cannot parry any of their attacks. You can either dodge or roll out of the way or slow them down enough to get in some attacks.

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