The Witcher 2 Arm Wrestling Guide

Learn how to play Arm Wrestling in the Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings and emerge victorious against every challenger with this guide

Arm Wrestling is one of the minigames you can enjoy, if you have gotten bored of Dice Poker and Fistfighting, you can try Arm Wrestling. In this The Witcher 2 Arm Wrestling guide, we will show you how to win in an arm-wrestling match.

The Witcher 2 Arm Wrestling

You can begin the arm wrestling mini-game by finding an opponent and choosing an appropriate dialogue option. Before you sit at the table to begin the contest, you will need to put a bet. After the match begins, you must slam your opponent’s hand to the table in order to win.

Keep the fist cursor within the yellow bar that will be moving beneath your opponents. You move the cursor using the mouse. The winner takes all the money that was bet earlier. Avoid dwarves, they are very good at Arm Wrestling and will prove to be toughest of opponents.

When you have begun the arm wrestling, you will see a long grey bar, a shorter orange bar, and a circled cursor on top of it. You need to keep the cursor inside the orange bar. As the game progresses, the orange bar will get shorter and shorter as Geralt grows tired.

Your goal is to keep the cursor inside so long as to allow orange bar to reach the right side. If you do manage that, you win. You don’t have to do anything to move the orange bar to the right; it moves automatically, but may shift left if you can’t keep the cursor inside, for even a small period of time.

The following quests are directly associates with Arm Wrestling:

  • Bring It On: Flotsam
  • Bring It On: Vergen
  • Bring It On: Kaedweni Camp
  • Bring It On: Loc Muinne
  • Hung Over
  • Ballista (Optional path)

You’ll find the following opponents to wrestle through the story:


  • Strongarm, a man amongst the tents in Foltest’s army camp will initiate Geralt to arm wrestling

Chapter I

at the Flotsam inn:

  • Zoltan
  • Skinny Sten, as part of Bring it on: Flotsam
  • Wiry Wilks, as part of Bring it on: Flotsam
  • Big Max, as part of Bring it on: Flotsam

In Lobinden:

  • Bartholomew Bargee, as part of Bring it on: Flotsam

in the Blue Stripes’ headquarters:

  • Thirteen, as part of Hung Over
  • Fenn, as part of Hung Over

In Loredo’s residence compound:

  • Myron, as part of The Ballista
  • Alphonse, as part of The Ballista

Chapter II

In Vergen:

  • Sheldon Skaggs
  • Yarpen Zigrin
  • Skalen Burdon
  • Cecil Burdon

In the Kaedweni camp

  • Randal
  • Martin
  • Magnus
  • Adam Pangratt, although Geralt can run into Adam and some of his mercenaries outside Vergen as well if he takes Iorveth’s path

Chapter III

The Mighty Numa

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