The Witcher 2 Hung Over Quest Walkthrough

One day's endeavors of Geralt while being drunk.

During the Kayran quest, once you’ve found Cedric in Lobinden, the Hung Over quest in The Witcher 2 will become available to start. To trigger this quest, go to Ves in the Blue Stripes Lodge, next to the Inn in Flotsam.

Go inside and head towards Ves. This will trigger the cutscene that will then start the Hung Over quest. If, for some reason, you are not getting the Hung Over quest, and it is not starting even if you talk to Ves, make sure you’ve not completed either the Kayran quest or the Indecent Proposal quest before heading toward the Inn.

How to complete the Hung Over quest in Witcher 2?

Once you’ve entered the lodge, you’ll find some Blue Stripe soldiers celebrating. They would confess to the celebration of disrespecting the statue of the entity the locals worshiped, aka their God. Geralt will talk to Ves, and she will challenge him to compete in a knife-throwing battle.

The Knife Throwing game is a game of keen listening. The soldier will call out an item nearby that you’ll need to throw the knife at, like a map, cured hand, oar, etc. If you win this game, you get an ability, Thrower.

After winning or losing the game, a new cutscene starts with a few locals barging into the lodge. They would demand punishment for the actions of the Blue Stripes for disrespecting and sacrilegious actions inflicted upon their God.

This will start an argument with Vernon Roche, who will kick one of the men. Geralt can choose to stop the fight, but if he tries persuasion and fails, he will be in a fistfight with Roche instead. This choice does not affect or change anything, so choose whatever.

Sometimes, a bug can affect this scene after you decide to persuade Roche in The Witcher 2 Hung Over quest. The screen turns black, and ultimately, you lose. To avoid this, make the game windowed or make the game window smaller yourself and then play for a while.

After this, Ves would try to explain Roche’s angry reaction, and the situation would simmer down. This is continued for some drinks, and then Ves challenges Geralt to an arm wrestle against two soldiers. Win both, and you’ll get the new sword, Sword of Creyden.

The extreme drinking would lead Geralt to blackout, and he would then wake up near the shore. There would be no armor or weapons on him. A man approaches, and he comments on Geralt drunken state. If you want, you can intimidate or pay him to speak up about what happened, and he will ask you to talk to the Madame in the Brothel of Flotsam.

Go to the Brothel in The Witcher 2 by the Inn and find Madame in her room. Talk to her, and after a conversation, she will ask for some money before saying anything. You can try giving her less for a lower bribe, so try your luck. After paying, she would ask you to talk to the girl in Blue Stripes.

Head inside the Inn beside the brother and talk to Ves. She would tell you everything about what happened when you blacked out and then direct you to the trunk behind her, where she picked up and collected all your items. The quest ends here, and you get 50 XP to complete it.

Can you remove the Tattoo from the Hung Over quest?

After completing the Hung Over quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, you’ll notice a new tattoo on Geralt’s neck. You got it while you were under the influence of alcohol and can choose to keep or remove the Tattoo. Find Triss near the back of the Inn by the window and talk to her.

She would laugh at Geralt but then explain that you’ll need three items to remove it. The items include

  • Green mold
  • White myrtle petals
  • Wolf’s aloe leaves

If you want to purchase, you can get these items from vendors like Anezka in Lobinden and Incredible Lockhart in Loc Muinne. Once you get all three of these items, talk to Triss again. Choose the “Do you know how to remove a tattoo?” and Triss would do it for you.

You can also do this later by talking to Sile in Roche’s path and Philippa in Iorveth’s path and providing them with these items.

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