The Witcher 2 Ves Romance Guide

You must follow Roche's path to have a romantic scene with Ves.

Following Vernon Roche’s path, you can romance Ves in the second chapter of The Witcher 2. She is an interesting character; below, you will find all the details to woo her in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

How to romance Ves in The Witcher 2

To romance Ves successfully, you must follow up on the events of a certain quest, Ave Henselt!. You will be fighting three Kaedweni Knights, after which you will get to face Ves.

Once you defeat Ves, you can visit her at the Temerian Soldiers camp. The blue stripes on each tent will make it easy to identify. You can choose the correct dialogue to romance Ves in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Start with the dialogue choice, saying you are thankful for a great fight.

Ves will reply proudly so you can encourage her by praising her swordsmanship. At this stage, you must select the dialogue option that says I also feel like using this opportunity. After selecting this option, you can romance Ves.

Inside her tent, you can further praise Ves and complement her beauty. Your compliments will arouse her, and then she will state her needs, indicating that Ves is interested in taking this romantic relationship to a more intimate level.

You can then proceed to fulfill her needs by having sex with her after you have some drinks in The Witcher 2.

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