The Witcher 2 Triss Romance Guide

Choose the right options and romance Triss multiple times.

There are a few romance options that you can pursue in The Witcher 2, and Triss is one of them. You can be in a relationship with her early on during the game and continue to develop this romance during the rest of your playthrough.

If you prefer Triss, you can continue to romance her to get a good ending with her. If you want to romance Triss, read this guide to learn more about your interaction with Triss.

How to romance Triss Merigold in The Witcher 2

During the prologue, you will get a cutscene in which you learn that Geralt is lying beside another NPC woman. This will happen to be Triss, and since she is sleeping half-naked with your character, you can easily assume that she will play a romantic role for you during the other events of your game.

You can romance Triss during two stages of your playthrough. These will include the following:

  • Chapter 1
  • Secondary Quests

Chapter 1

You will get to romance Triss Merigold during the events of the first chapter in a specific quest. This quest is the Rose of Remembrance in The Witcher 2. You will get to interact with Triss, and you can follow her alone during your encounter.

Following the events of this quest, both of you will end up falling into an ancient elven bathhouse. Triss will try to help you find a way out, but instead, you will spend some romantic time there. This, in turn, will trigger a sex scene between your character and Triss.

Secondary Quests

The most important aspect of romancing Triss lies in several factors, mainly your encounter with her in some secondary quests. One is A Matter of Life and Death in The Witcher 2.

If you have kissed Triss during the events of this specific quest, then you can continue romancing her with relative ease following another secondary quest. This time, it will be known as Now or Never. Once you follow through to the end of this particular secondary quest, you will have to discuss dialogue options with Triss.

You can choose the dialogue “Stay with me” to romance Triss successfully and seal the deal with the “I love you” dialogue option. This way, Triss will be set as your romantic partner, provided that you don’t cheat on her with Yennefer later on.

What happens if you let Triss go in The Witcher 2

During the events of the Third chapter, if you decide to let Triss go instead of romancing her, Geralt will tell her goodbye. This doesn’t mean that you won’t meet her again later on. You will meet bet just as a friend and can’t romance her.

Lastly, the mutual affection you might seek by romancing Triss will also end if you spend time romancing Yennefer in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

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