The Sims 4 Gardener Career Guide

Everyone wants to pursue their favorite career and hobbies in The Sims 4, but with the help of Gardener’s career, you can do both while earning money at the same time. This career allows you to work from home as gardens are usually made in the backyard of your home.

This guide will give you all the information you need about Gardener’s profession, including the top talents, career levels, job rankings, list of best mods, and cheats.

How to Become a Gardener in The Sims 4?

Although this career doesn’t mandate a university degree, you can go to school and study to get a degree if you want one. The benefit of earning a degree is that you get to make money and vacation time.

You should get a Fine Arts degree if you want to get into the Floral Designer branch and get a biology degree if you want to get into the Botanist branch. You will also need to learn how to get cowplant seed and grow it as you follow this career.

Being a gardener, you can grow plants and sell them for profit just like you would sell art as Artist. You can increase your skill as a gardener while at the same time earning money.

If you want to take a Gardener career in The Sims 4, go to the Career Panel in the bottom right corner and choose Gardener from the list of options. Then you’ll be given the choice of a level 1 job, which in your instance is Dirt Digger.

Best Skills and Traits for Gardeners

Loves the Outdoors

If a person doesn’t want to be outside all the time, Gardener is not your career. Because all the plants grow outside and need sunlight to survive so, as a Gardener, you need to take care of them, so this trait is a must for this career.

Super Green Thumb

As the name suggests, this trait is a God-given trait that allows Gardener to make everything fertile by doing the right thing to the plants, like moving some plants to the shade and giving some less water. But you can purchase this trait in Sims 4 using the satisfaction points if you want to excel in this career.

Gardener Career Levels and Job Ranks

While you can progress normally through the job levels, if you have a degree with a high GPA, you’ll land a higher-level job. This is why it is important to know how to get a degree in Sims 4.

Level Job Salary
1 Dirt Digger $140/day
2 Soil-Sifter $147/day
3 Seed Scatterer $161/day
4 Leaf Cutter $175/day

 Botanist Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Job Salary
5 Plant Nerd $320/day
6 Stem Researcher $360/day
7 Sap Splicer $560/day
8 Flower Fellow $600/day
9 Bouquet Biologist $720/day
10 PhD of Pollen $2940/day

 Floral Designer Career Levels and Job Ranks

Level Job Salary
5 Petal-Placer $245/day
6 Stem Cutter $294/day
7 Anther Artist $420/day
8 Floral Organizer $420/day
9 Leafy Luminary $525/day
10 Visionary of Vases $2100/day

Best Mods for Playing Gardener

Faster Gardening Mod

Growing a full-grown in one day is every Gardener’s dream, but with the help of this mod, you can do that with just one seed and laying on your couch. Suddenly you will see 30 distinct species of plants grown in your garden. This mod particularly speeds up the germination time of the plant. Also, they require less maintenance like watering and weeding.

Gardening for all Season

We usually don’t know the pain of plants dying for people living in the north. So, to tackle this issue, Sims 4 has introduced an all-season mod that lets you plant all year round. You can grow and harvest year-round instead of waiting for spring to grow roses and corn.

Retail Produce Stands

Harvest is the best time for the farmers, but selling is very difficult, and sometimes you find that all your harvests are stuck in inventory waiting to get sold. With the help of this mod, you can have a retail produce stand in the farmer’s market.

That way, you can sell for a high markup and don’t have to pay hefty commissions to the supermarket. You can also get a farmer market experience which is a plus in this mod.

Gardener Cheats

You must press Control + Shift + C to go to the cheats menu. After you’ve gotten to the menu, type testingcheats on or testing cheats true and press enter. After that, input any of the following codes to activate them:


You may use “careers.promote adult_gardener” to advance your sim’s painter career and get a promotion to the next level, which has more salary and benefits.


If you wish your sim to go back a level, use “careers. Demote adult_gardener “. This hack won’t let you go back if you’ve already picked a professional branch.

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