The Sims 4 – How to Get Cow Plant Seed and Grow it

The infamous bovine flora that comes in the shape of Cow Plants makes a return in The Sims 4.

Unlike previous Sims games, the Cow Plant is a reward that you get from accomplishing aspirations. Instead, it’s kind of a well hidden secret that needs to be explored

The Cow Plant now needs to be grown in your background by finding its seeds in the open world. Thankfully, there’s one place that you can certainly get your hands on them.

The Cow Plant was first introduced in Sims 2 as a carnivorous plant that looks like a cow, and lures Sims to eventually eat them whole. It pretty much follows the same nature in The Sims 4 as well, but the method of acquiring it is slightly different.

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Find Cow Plant Seeds
In order to grow the notorious Cow Plant in your backyard, you’ll need to venture out into the world and search for some special seeds.


One of these places that Desert Bloom lot in Oasis Springs. Head over there, then move to the area behind the park, which has a rock canyon that leads to a mine shaft entrance.

Head over there and you’ll notice a pond from which a stream runs. If you fish in this pond, you should be able to find the Cow Plant seeds.

Planting the Seeds
Now that you have your hands on these rare seeds, it’s time to go back home. Head to your backyard and drag the Cow Plant seeds on to the ground where you wish to plant them.

The plant will then need to be nurtured through watering daily till it grows fully.

The Cow Plant will eventually grow, and once it does you’ll need to be careful as it is ironically carnivorous.

You need to feed it meat daily to keep it alive, or else it’ll wither and die. The Cow Plant will attract unaware Sims with its cake tongue and then devour them fully.

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