The Sims 4 – How to Make Money

The Sims 4
Money doesn’t grow on trees, and sadly the creators of Sims 4 want to remain true to that statement, which is why earning Simoleans (the currency of the game) for your Sims isn’t always an easy task.

Sometimes managing to earn enough to make a comfortable living is slightly out of your reach, or perhaps needs to increase, considering you just got married or had a baby. Whatever the reasons may be, Sims will need to make more and more money, and for that, you’ll need a few essential tips.

Get a Job
We’ll do away with the most basic stuff first. Being a sloth and sitting at home won’t earn you sufficient money, nor will ridiculous co-curricular activities (alone). For this very reason, you need to get your Sims a proper job and make sure they focus on the job and work aplenty for the highest paying job. You can also be your own boss and opt for Self Employment in Sims 4.

Of course, doing too much work has a downside and can make your Sim Tensed, but try to make sure you have them putting their best to get faster promotions and earn more money.

Initially the income will certainly be low, but if you maintain good levels of confidence and a positive emotional attitude, your Sim will be progressing and earning more in no time.

Get Married
Now to all those married folks out there: this may sound highly counter-intuitive, but getting married in Sims 4 is actually a highly profitable feat.


It’s even better if you manage to score someone who has a rich background, as the person your Sim marries will bring in a great bit of money. Plus, both of the partners working will result in an even more financially flourishing lifestyle. So yeah, go find someone and give them a ring.

Co-Curricular Activities
Now I may have said that getting a job is an all-important task, and I still stand by that statement, but in order to earn even more money, you actually want to be utilizing your co-curricular skills like painting and writing to earn yourself some additional cash.

Such skills are pretty awesome and useful when combined with your job though, so you shouldn’t solely rely on your art work to earn you handsome amounts of cash regularly.

You can do the same with your musical instruments. Practice lots after returning from work, and once the skill level rises you could go to a public place and start playing – other Sims will take notice and cash will start to come.

Sell Stuff
Get rid of your old stuff, and produce some goods to sell for that extra bit of cash daily. Go for some fishing, and after catching a few fish you could sell them to earn yourself some easy money. Similarly, it never hurts to grow vegetables in your backyard and make a profit on them.

Keeping things flowing from your end needs a bit of time consumption, but hey, time is money itself – you just have to make sure you convert it into the paper version.

Cheating – The Easy Way Out

In the end this is just a game, and if you have enough frustrations in your real life and you don’t wish to be replicating them in Sims 4, the easy way out is to simply cheat.

Of course, this isn’t how the game is meant to be played, nor do we encourage it, but it’s an option that differentiates the struggles of real life and those in Sims 4.

If you’re wishing for loads of cash for great financial stability without facing all the hassles, then this immoral way of getting rich might be the only thing that quenches your thirst.

On your keyboard, press CTRL + ALT + C, then input the following in the text box:

  • motherlode – $50,000
  • kaching or rosebud – $1,000


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