Best Sims 4 CC (Custom Content)

This guide will cover some of the best Custom Content available for you in different categories of Sims 4.

Custom Content in Sims 4 is something creators create so players can enjoy the game even more as they see fit and is a bit different from expansion packs in terms of what they offer. With CC, you can find a lot of designs and styles of furniture, clothes, eyes, hair, and age up toddlers in Sims 4. This guide will cover some of the best Custom Content available for you in different categories of Sims 4, including a very useful UI extension mod.

Best Sims 4 CC Clothes

DarkNighTt’s Streetwear

  • Style: Alpha
  • Source: The Sims Resource

DarkNighTt’s Streetwear has a lot of clothing options available for you. You will find different leggings, sweaters, crop tops, etc. You can find some great fashion looks in their TSR archive as well.

Seoulsoul’s Designer Fashion

  • Style: Alpha
  • Source: Seoulsoul’s Patreon

In Seoulsoul’s Designer Fashion, you will find some great Silk Suits, Burberry Jackets, and tracksuits as well. It is another great choice for clothes in Sims 4. It is especially good for someone who likes to exercise.

Greenllamas’ Gossip set

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: Greenllamas’ Patreon

Greenllamas’s Gossip Set is another great CC option available for you. This set comes with a couple of hairstyles and clothes for both male and female Sims.

Happylifesims’ 1920s Styles

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: Happylifesims’ Patreon

In this, you will find clothes inspired by the style of the 19th century. You will find all dress pieces like hats, suspenders, slacks, and more. You can find some more on the Happylifesims’ blog.

Belaoallure’s Street Fashion

  • Style: Alpha
  • Source: Belaoallure’s Patreon

Belaoallure’s is full of designs option available for you as a CC. You are going to find a lot of options in it, from Lingerie to streetwear. You will find some casual clothes as well, which most players like.

Best CC Hair

Sheabutter’s Braid Collection

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: Sheabutter’s Patreon

Sheabutter’s Braid Collection is a Maxis Match CC specifically designed for Black Women. You are going to find around 41 styles with different colors.

AHarris00Britney’s Hairs

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: AH00B’s Blog

AHarris00Britney’s Hairs is a CC for hairstyles of the women. You will find different hairstyles in it, and you have to download them separately. You will find almost everything in this, including long hair, short hair, straight hair, or curly hair.

Ebonix’s Hairs

  • Style: Alpha
  • Source: Ebonix’s Patreon

In Ebonix’s Hairs CC, you will also find many hairstyles for men, women, and kids. If you want to explore more styles, you can also visit Ebonix’s blog.

JohnnySims’ Men’s Season

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: Johnny’s Patreon

JohnnySims’ Men’s Season is a men’s hair CC especially designed for men. You will find some modern design in it and some 90s design. The collection is not limited, so it is guaranteed that you can find a style that you will like.

Best Furniture

Harrie’s Brownstone Collection

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: Harrie’s Patreon

Harrie’s Brownstone collection is a great option for furniture in Sims 4. This can make your apartment or suite look great. It is a great option when it comes to decorating your living area.

ZWHSims’ Super Streamer Kit

  • Style: Maxis Match
  • Source: SWHSims’ blog

This kit is for decorating your computer table with an RGB rig, audio mixer, ring light, boom arm mic, and different shelves and desk sets. You will also find a geometric bed in this as well.

Simverses’ Medieval Stuff

  • Style: TSM
  • Source: Simverses’ Blog

It is the best CC for someone in middle age. It has all the things someone will need in middle age. You should use this CC if you are playing with a medieval build.

Maxis Match CC and Alpha CC

Maxis Match CC and Alpha CC are two types of CC styles creators follow while creating some Custom Content. Maxis Match is a style that is pretty much similar to the original content created by Maxis.

While on the other hand, Alpha CC is a style that is supposed to look more realistic. You will find detailed skin textures, realistic clothing, furniture, and eyes that look quite real.

Best Free CC

MC Command Center

It is a free mod that will give you more control over the Sims. You can use it to fix the employment rate of different Sims, check who is pregnant in the town, and select the clothes for everyone.

You can have a full life with this mod without doing anything yourself. In simple words, you will control most things in Sims 4.

UI Cheats Extension

It is another free mod you can use for using cheats in Sims 4. You can make money using this mod. Whenever you feel like you need some cash, you can type “Motherlode” and get the required amount.

This mod will memorize all the cheat codes available in the game, and to activate them, you will just need a couple of clicks.

Get a Job

With the Get a Job mod, you can get new careers in Sims 4 to choose from. Some new careers you can find are tattoo artist, game developer, and stockbroker. New careers are added to this mod continuously, so you will not fall short of jobs.

Become a Sorcerer

Using this CC, you can become a sorcerer, just like in the previous Sims games. You will find some supernatural magic and a sense of darkness in Sims 4. You can use your sorceries to take out enemies and make your friends happy.

Best CC Eye

Authentic And Vivid Green Eyes

In this CC, you will find some gorgeous Vivid eyes by Ms. Blue. The stunning green eyes will add life to your Sim. This Eye CC is added to our best Sims 4 CC Eye list.

Firm And Fearless Authentic Grey Eyes

This CC is another eye option that you might like in Sims 4. You will get fearless and firm grey eyes if you use this CC. If you have chosen a career like Police, it is a great option.

Sims 4 Secretive Avery Eyes

It is another eye color from You will get very secretive eyes in this mod that are best for a career like a detective.

Mesmerizing BabyDoll Eyes – N153

These are full of life eyes by the Pralinesims in Sims 4. We will recommend you to try these eyes as most of the players love them.

Brilliant And Vibrant Eyes

Brilliant and Vibrant Eyes by Sightlysims is another must-try CC for you in Sims 4. You will find eyes in 15 different colors. It is one of the most download custom content for eyes in Sims 4.

Best CC Packs

Custom Food List

Custom Food List pack by Icemunmun is a CC pack that can be used for cooking world-class dishes. New interactions will be added to your Sim’s Stove and Fridge.

You can cook some cool dishes like red velvet cake, biryani, and moussaka. Together with the Get to the Work expansion pack, this can make your dishes trendier than ever.

Pandaria Stuff Pack

If you are an architect, that is a great pack for you. This will provide awesome architectural designs for oriental details like gongs, wells, and pagodas. This mod offers you around 162 items that can be used for creating a completely new world.

Stellar Stuff

This pack offers you around 127 items with a futuristic galactic theme. You will love to live in the world created by using items from this pack. Besides that, you will also find a Home lot and Moon laboratory with this pack which is pre-furnished with space paraphernalia and glowing crystals.

Cottage Garden Stuff

This is another CC pack by the Plumbob Tea Society that can offer you a sweet cottage life and it is not just limited to the cottage. You will get everything like furniture, dresses, and hair. With this pack, you can live a pleasant and peaceful life in the countryside.

Best CC Creators


Marosims is an amazing CC creator that focuses on hairstyles. This custom content creator makes hair look more realistic and provides you with many options to choose from. In Sims 4, Marsosims offer some of the best hairstyles for you, Sims.


Storylegacysims is a Maxis Match creator whose content is similar to the original game content. This creator offers content for both old Sims and toddler Sims, so you will find custom content for all your Sims from a single creator.


Pixelunivairse is another custom content creator known for Maxis Match content. This creator offers you clothing that is pretty much similar in design and style to the game clothing but better. You will find clothing for both toddlers and adults.


While most creators are creating custom content for the clothing and hair, the SIMcredible focuses on the furniture. This CC creator can add life to your buildings and houses through furniture. Its design is Alpha CC which looks very realistic.


Solistair is the boss of custom content when it comes to clothing. This creator has created a lot of clothing designs for all seasons. Solistair designs are very detailed and offer you a wide variety to choose from.

Its clothing can fit all Sims, so you don’t have to find another creator for kids and older Sims.

Best CC Websites

TSR (The Sims Resource)

TSR is the biggest and best site for finding the custom content for Sims 4. On this site, a lot of creators post their work regularly. You can use different filters to find the CC you want.

This is the best site to download free custom content from other players. You might have to pay a small fee of $ 1-3 for a few custom content, but most of the content is available without any cost.

Mod The Sims 

Just like the TSR, you will also find many creators here. It has an archive of free items, so if you are looking for a few pieces of content, it is a good option.

The only downside we see is that some objects don’t have thumbnails, so you can’t tell what they will look like. You can sort by newest and click on each of them to see how they will look.


Simistia is a website dedicated to the Sims 4 user for downloading and uploading custom content. It is a pretty easy-to-use website that players can use for Custom content in Sims 4. You will find around 18800 creators on this site who are just creating custom content for Sims 4.


Pinterest is a great option for quickly searching for custom content from many different websites. You can find content related to almost anything; because of its visuals, you will know what you are downloading.


This website mainly focuses on CC for women. You will find a tumbler here that is full of CC. You will find some great and beautiful hairstyles for women.

How To Download and Install Sims 4 CC 

  • Launch the game and go to the “Options” on the right side under the Gallery. 
  • A menu will pop up, and from there, select “Game Options.” 
  • Then select “others” on the left side and enable the “Custom Content and Mods.” 
  • Select “Apply the Changes” and then exit. 
  • Look for the mods folder; go to the document folder> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods Folder 
  • Then head to Pinterest, Patreon, or YouTube to find the Custom Content. You can pick any of your favorite creators. 
  • The Patreon has easily available download links, so you can check it out as well.  
  • After the download completes, go to the download folder and you will see it here. 
  • Open the download folder and mod folder side-by-side on your screen. 
  • Then drag the file from the download folder to the Mods one. 
  • In case of getting the file as a zip folder, do the same dragging step first, and then after having the file in the Mods folder, do the right click on it and then select “Extract All.”  
  • Make sure the Extraction location is Mods Folder. Browse> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> Mods> Select this folder and then go for extract. 
  • Always download the links from authentic sources to avoid any kind of risk. 
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