The Fort At Ja’abu Ridge Walkthrough

Take down the goblin camp inside the Fort at Ja'abu's Ridge to appease Gaddison.

The Fort at Ja’abu Ridge is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that you can obtain in Zora’s Domain. Of all the side quests available in Lanayru Region, this one is probably the easiest and simplest one.

You will be tasked by a Zora to clear a fort of monster forces. While these enemies are easy to take down, we still recommend cooking meals that can restore your health and fusing powerful weapons before attempting this quest.

Talk to Gaddison on East Bridge

The Fort at Ja’abu Ridge can only be started after completing Sidon of the Zora main quest. Once you defeat Muctorok inside Water Temple, Zora’s Domain will be free of all the sludge falling from the sky, and life will return to normal.

Go to the bridge east of the Throne Room in Zora’s domain. It is an extension of the great Zora Bridge. Here, you will find a female Zora, Gaddison, roaming the bridge (3470, 0485, 0155).

Talk to her, and she will ask you to clear a camp full of monsters at Ja’abu Ridge. This will officially start the quest, and you can select it from your journal.

Defeat the Monster Forces near Ja’abu’s Ridge

To complete The Fort at Ja’abu Ridge side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need to attack an enemy base at Ja’abu Ridge. This area is to the southeast of Zora’s Domain and will be marked once you select this side quest.

You can fast-travel to the Ihen-A shrine near Mipha’s Court and then glide to reach the enemies’ camp.

This camp has two blue Bokoblin archers near the entrance. If they get alert, they will call for reinforcements, including a hellishly difficult silver Bokoblin Boss.

Make sure to look out for your health and avoid any attack from silver enemies, as they will kill you instantly. The last Blue Bokoblin is on a raft, hiding behind some boxes.

Once you clear the camp of all monsters, free the caged man by removing the cage with Ultrahand. He will give you a Diamond as a reward.

Quest Reward

Return to Zora’s Domain by fast traveling to the Mogawak Shrine and talk to Gaddison again. She will reward you with a Silver Coin (100 Rupees) upon learning that you have cleared the fort of monster forces. This will complete The Fort at Ja’abu Ridge side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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