How To Farm Blueprints In The Division 2

The Division 2 Blueprints Farm Guide will help you learn everything about the best methods of farming and unlocking all blueprints.

The Division 2 allows you to craft new Weapons and Gear through blueprints. Completing main missions, side missions, and Settlement Projects is the easiest way to get blueprints in the game. However, these methods are only good for early-game items.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can acquire high-level blueprints in The Division 2, including specific farming techniques and vendor locations. We’ll also provide a list of all available blueprints in the game.

Farming Blueprints (Vendor glitch)

A good place to get blueprints is from the vendors in the Base of Operations and at the Settlements.

There is a glitch where you could just go to the BoO, buy a blueprint, fast travel to a Settlement to buy another one, travel back to the BoO to buy another blueprint, and repeat the same process till you have everything you need.

This glitch lets you reset the blueprints from the vendors. Three vendors are located at the White House, Theater Settlement, and Campus Settlement. You need to buy from all three vendors.

However, this might not work if you are below Level 30 so be sure to gain some XP first. This can be done at any vendor, including the New York City vendor.

Complete Control Points Level 3 and Level 4

When Black Tusk takes over the map, you will have to take back the Control Points but before you do, you should know that these Control Points are linked with other open-world activities like Public Executions, Territorial Control, and more.

Hovering your cursor over the Control Points will show the number indicating the control points that can be upgraded to Level 4.

You can do this by finishing these World Events. Once a Control Point reaches Level 3, you will be rewarded blueprints for finishing it.


There is a bug in the game where if you deconstruct an item, you receive the Blueprint for the Manic AR

The Division 2 Blueprints list

Below, we’ve listed all available blueprints

Weapon ClassName
Assault RiflesBlack Market AK-M
FA SA-58 Para
G36 Enhanced
Tactical Mk 16
Sub Machine GunsMP5 ST
P90 Replica
Tactical AUG A3P
Tactical UMP-45
Vector SBR .45 APC
Light Machine GunsBlack Marker M60 E6
Black Market RPK-74 E
Custom L86 A2
Infantry MG5
Military MK46
Police Mk17
Urban MDR
MMRsCustom M44
M700 Carbon
ShotgunsBlack Market SASG-12 S
Custom M870 MCS
Double Barrel Shotgun
Tactical Super 90 SBS
Police 686 Magnum
Px4 Storm Type T
Tactical M1911

The Division 2 Projects Blueprints list

These are all the blueprints you can get by completing specific projects in the Division 2:

Weapon ClassNameProject
Assault RiflesFAMAS 2010West Side Repair Crew (Campus)
Police M4Cold Storage Construction (Theater)
Sub Machine GunsBlack Market T821Deep Recovery Force (Campus)
Converted SMG-9Underground Pump (Theater)
Light Machine GunsClassic M60Infrastructure Repair Operation (Campus)
RiflesSIG 716Coast Guardians (Campus Projects)
USC .45 ACPWater Keeper Liberation (Theater)
MMRsClassic M44 Carbine ReplicaConstitution Hall Recovery (Campus)
Model 700Secure Salvage Route (Theater)
ShotgunsM870 ExpressSouthside Security (Campus)
Super 90Food Independence (Theater)
PistolsMilitary M9Outfit Triage Team (Campus)

The Division 2 Exotic Blueprints list

Completing specific challenges and quest lines can earn you exotic blueprints. Below is the current list of exotic blueprints in The Division 2.

  • Chatterbox
  • Diamondback
  • Eagle Bearer
  • Liberty
  • Lullaby
  • Merciless
  • Nemesis
  • Pestilence
  • Ruthless
  • Sweet Dreams
  • SHD Calibration

You can reconfigure your exotic weapons by purchasing a Reconfigure Blueprint from any vendor. This feature allows you to bring your exotic weapon up to the level of your crafting bench.

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