The Division 2 Settlements Upgrades Guide – Projects, Donations, Rewards

In our The Division 2 Settlements Upgrades Guide, we have outlined everything about upgrading all the Settlements, completing Projects, donations, and rewards for fully upgrading Settlements in the game.

Settlements are basically areas claimed by NPCs. Residents live here and give you challenges and activities to complete. Upgrading these reward you with plenty of rewards.

The Division 2 Settlements

If you complete the missions, you can even tag along people from the Settlements to take them to the White House AKA at the Base of Operations and then unlock more upgrades for the game.

As mentioned earlier, TD2 Settlements are upgradable and provide you with more supplies throughout the game.

Upgrading the settlements is easier as you just have to complete Challenges, Side Missions, and Quests/Activities given you by the residents.

Doing these will upgrade your settlements and will provide you with additional bonuses like Fast Travel points.

Completing Settlement Projects

You will be given Settlement Projects like Propaganda Broadcasting. Completing these Projects will again upgrade your Settlements and reward you with cosmetics and XP. Trading is also a part of the Settlements.

You give them items that can be anything. For example, a Piece of Gear or a Weapon that you do not want anymore. For donating these items, the Settlement provides you with supplies to create some hefty weapons and their modifiers.

There are also “Stashes” in the Settlements where you can store your supplies and cosmetics for later use. Upgrading the Settlements takes place in various ways and some are the above.

Our Settlement Upgrading Guide is a work-in-progress. We will continue to update the guide in days to come.