The Division 2 Best Guns, Weapon Stats, and Weapon Tier List

The Division 2 Best Guns Guide will help you learn all about weapon stats, weapon tier list, highest DPS weapons, Mods, and Talents.

The Division 2 Best Guns Guide will help you learn all about weapon stats, weapon tier list, highest DPS weapons, Mods, and Talents.

You are only as good as your firing companion in TD2. That is right! Knowing which weapon to use for what situation demands is the key to winning engagements in the game.

In this Division 2 Guide, we take a look at the best guns and weapon tier list with stats of each weapon type and overview of how every weapon fares best among the others in their category.

The Division 2 Best Weapons

Firstly, it is still very early to devise a Tier List since we will have to see how the meta is after seeing how the PVP or Dark Zone aspect of the game progresses.

As far as how the results go through, we have picked the ideal option that will probably be high-tier in days to come. There are 70 different varieties of weapons so we will be breaking down the most important categories.

Assault Rifle

Assault Rifles are generally well-rounded weapons because of their low recoil and good accuracy along with a generous clip capacity. The good fire-rate is always a bonus though these are obviously slower than SMGs.

The best guns in Assault Rifle category are FAMAS and Kalashnikov. FAMAS due to its incredible rounds per minute and dealing the most damage per second. Overall, Kalashnikov has the highest base damage per each bullet.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
Remington ACR N/A 650 30 2.2s
Kalashnikov AKM 9480 600 30 2.5s
Steyr AUG A3 7900 680 30 2.1s
Tavor CTAR-21 6237 900 30 2.1s
FN Fal 8316 650 30 2.3s
FAMAS 7608 900 30 2.2s
G36 7484 750 30 2.1s
Colt M4 6652 850 30 2.4s
FN MK 16 8731 625 30 2.3s
POF P416 8316 750 30 2.1s

Submachine Guns

When you encounter an enemy outside of the cover, your best shot is to bombard the foe with a rain of bullets. Quantity matters here because you will need to deal all the damage you can in a short span of time.

SMGs are good for this purpose due to their incredibly high fire-rate and low reload times.

Vector and Socimi are best SMGs in The Division 2. The Vector has the highest DPS while the Socimi has the highest base damage.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
Steyr Aug A3 8316 725 25 2.4s
Socimi Type 821 10810 550 32 1.9s
SMG-9 7484 825 32 2s
Thompson 9147 600 30 2.3a
MP5 7484 800 32 2.1s
MP7 5821 950 40 2s
SIG MPX 6652 850 30 2.3s
FN P90 N/A 900 50 2s
Bizon PP-19 7900 700 53 2.5s
Vector 5821 1200 19 1.9s

Light Machine Guns

LMGs have high recoil and long reload times, but they make up for it in terms of high clip capacity and fire-rate. In the cover, LMGs are much more accurate as you line up a headshot.

You can also just keep up the pressure while your teammates move in and eliminate the threat.

With regards to the best LMGs in the game, there is only one winner i.e. the M60. This is because it has both the highest base damage and the highest damage per round.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
M60 11642 500 100 5.8s
M249B 10395 550 100 5.6s
L86 LSW 9147 610 30 3s
RPK-74 8316 650 45 3s
MG5 6652 800 50 5.6s
MK46 N/A 550 100 5s

Semi-Auto Rifles

Semi-Auto Rifles only have one good quality about them: the high base damage. Apart from that, they lack in reload times and stability, thanks to their high recoil.

With that said, MK17 is the best Semi-Automatic Gun with amazing base damage so if you can overlook the other negatives, you will find utility for the weapon.

Weapons Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
MK17 23284 250 20 2.2
M1A 20790 180 10 3s
SIG 716 19958 300 20 2.4s
MDR 16632 280 20 1.9s
USC .45 16632 240 20 2.3
LAR-15 14137 240 30 2.4s
ACR SS 13305 420 30 2.3s
M16A2 7900 300 30 2.4s
1886 N/A 100 5 3s
LVOA-C N/A 240 30 2.4s


For close-quarter combat, Shotguns – as they have always been – are the best option due to their sheer damage output. The recoil is manageable and the reload speeds can be bearable as well.

The Double Barrel is not only the most powerful and viable shotgun but also the one with most damage stats in The Division 2. The DPS for the said weapon is approximately 288,000 DPS that is quite a lot.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
Double Barrel 86480 200 2 2.2s
M870 79832 75 5 3.7s
Super 90 46580 160 8 4.8
SASG-12 39912 180 7 3s
ACS-12 19952 300 20 2.3s
SPAS-12 N/A 70 8 5.4s

Marksman Rifle/Sniper Rifles

This particular weapon type has the largest recoil and longest reload times. To cover for that weakness, it has a high damage potential but landing a headshot can be unreliable.

For long-range combat, Marksman Rifles are the best sniper rifles to go with. The M44 has the highest base damage stat while the SVD has a significantly higher DPS than the former, making them the best Sniper Rifles dealing most damage.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
M44 76507 55 5 4.2s
MODEL 700 70686 54 7 7.2s
Covert SRS 58212 60 7 7s
SVD 29106 260 10 2.6s
SR-1 N/A 60 5 3.2s


Sidearms are good weapons to pair with other existing weapon types since these have the highest reload speed so you are always prepared to fight. The recoil is pretty small as well so you will always land your hits.

The Diceros that you get by opting for the Demolitionist Agent Specialization has the highest base damage out of all and is a very powerful weapon.

Weapon Damage Rounds/Minute Clip Reload Time
Diceros 28274 180 7 1.8s
586 Magnum 19958 160 6 1.8s
M1911 19293 260 7 1.9s
PF45 13305 230 12 1.9s
M9 13305 245 15 1.9s
PX4 Storm 10395 250 17 1.9s
X-45 9480 250 10 1.9s
93R 5405 1100 20 1.9s
D50 N/A 150 8 1.9s
Double Barrel Sawed Off N/A 200 2 2.2s

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