The Division 2 Side Activities Guide – How to Complete, All Open World Activities

Our The Division 2 Side Activities Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding and completing all the optional World Activities.

Our The Division 2 Side Activities Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding and completing all the optional World Activities.

The Division Open-World Activities

There are some additional activities that are set up for the players in The Division 2. These activities will not be a part of the game’s main story but its rewards are something that you would want under your name. The activities are listed down below:

1. Bounty Activities

To reach Bounty, first, you have to go through other missions and complete them and then you will be able to unlock Bounty.

Inside Settlements, you will be given projects and missions to handle. You are supposed to interact with people who are in control of the Projects. You will be given the Projects on completing which you will finally reach Bounty.

Now, look at the map and you will find the target that you have to get rid off.

You have 15 minutes on your clock to finish the mission. The time will be enough for you if not wasted on things other than the mission.

For the mission, just follow the location that is given in your map. It will take you to the hideout of your enemy. Good for you would be to have allies at this point.

You never know how strong your boss will come out and can have his allies with him. You have to eliminate all your enemies along with the boss. Collect all the loot left behind him.

Try to complete the mission and complete it in the given time. If you fail the mission then you will be repeating the whole cycle after a passage of time. Complete the Project and get on your Bounty activity again.

2. Propaganda Broadcasting

You have to follow your map every now and then for this activity. It will pop up on your map at no given time. On completing this activity, you will be rewarded with EXP and cosmetics. To complete this activity follow as said below:

When the location for this activity will appear on the screen, you have to follow it. Reach the location and eliminate all the possible opponents you see.

After clearing the location, reach the location of the speaker and activate it. On activating it, it will start broadcasting propaganda that will start attracting enemies and very soon, groups of enemies will surround you.

It will be wise to search for a good hideout before activating the speaker.

You cannot flee the place after activating the speaker. You have to stay and defend the broadcasting until it is complete. Kill any enemy reaching towards you. You have to activate the speaker whenever it crashes.

It will take a good amount of your time until the broadcast is on and enemies are coming. After the enemies have died down and you clear the area, your mission will end there.

3. Public Execution

In this mission, the player is supposed to reach the marked place where some opponents have captured some people and your mission is to free those captives before they are killed.

Kill all the opponents without shooting down the captives or of course, being yourself killed. Your reward depends on the number of captives that will be saved by you.

The reward is the same as for completing the other activities. Experience point and cosmetics.

4. Rescue Operation

Rescue Operations are all the same as the Public Execution activity. Here too you will be going on a marked location to save the captives who are held inside a room. You do not have to worry about them being killed in this mission though.

Go in, kill the enemies and get those captives out. Rewards will be received on completion of the mission.

5. Control Point

Control points are the areas on capturing which the players will be handed with tons of benefits.

Control Points are the areas that are under the enemies and the player is supposed to enter those areas to capture them. Inside, the player will meet other allies that are going to be helping the player in capturing the area.

Eliminating the enemies will not be enough though. Player has to stay after eliminating the enemy, as more groups of enemies will be coming after you have cleared the area.

Kill them as well and you will have the control point under your attention. Now, with gaining the experience points and cosmetics players will be having other advantages.

Players will be able to see more containers hence delivery for resources will become easier. Moreover, with the rewards, players will be giving a supply room as well which will be story other cosmetics and resources and chests for you to gain from.

6. Supply Drop

This activity is the most beneficial by far. Here some chests will be dropped for you but do not even take a breath of relief as along with you, your enemies are also going to be informed about the drop.

Reach the chests as fast as you can and open as many chests as you can by looking at the enemy distance on your map. If the enemies are far away then open the chests otherwise wait for them to reach you and start eliminating them.

DO NOT try to open the chests if your enemies are close by as they will be shooting on you and you will lose the chests if you are killed in the process of interacting and looting those chests. You can look for the enemies on your map.

They will be marked as red spots on your map. They will be reaching the chests to open them so stay close to the chests and while you are clearing the area, always keep an eye on the chests.

If you see the enemies close to the chest, kill them first and then focus on other enemies.

After clearing the area, you can be relaxed. Open the chests and collect the contents of it.

These are all the activities we have come across so far. These will help you in collecting resources for you and are a good game apart from the main story missions. The guide will be updated on the appearance of other missions in the game.