How To Get Zonaite Set In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonaite Set is a unique looking armor set with Aztec inspired aesthetic. Here is how to get it!

The Zonaite Armor set is one of the best-looking armor sets in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It makes you look like an Aztec warrior with its feathered helm and intricate design.  

The Zonaite Armor also provides an Energy Up Effect. However, this set is hard to find.

We have compiled this handy article to help you get your hands on the Zonaite Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom.  

Zonaite armor set location in Zelda: TotK 

Before going out to look for the armor pieces you will need to have the Zora Armor with you. This will help you move up, against the flow in waterfalls.

You’ll also need some Zonai charges as you’ll need them to power up the fans on your contraptions. It is also recommended to have the glide suit and some cold resistance gear with you as well. 

The Zonaite Armor Set has three parts which are the Zonaite Waistguard, Zonaite Shin Guards, and Zonaite Helm. All three parts are found separately. The location of all the parts is as follows. 


Zonaite Shin Guards 

The Zonaite Shin Guards can be found Northeast of the Sokkala Sky Archipelago. You can use the Urli Mountain Skyview Tower to get up top. When through the lift, glide towards the Sokkala Sky Archipelago.

From here, if you are on the bigger island as shown below, you can construct a flying platform with four fans. There are also about six Zonai charge capsules lying around which you can use to make the journey even easier.

Zonaite Shin Guards location in Tears of the Kingdom

Now that you have landed on the archipelago, activate the Gikaku Shrine. This shrine will activate the pushing block which will lift you off this island and onto the next island.

In the center of the island, there is a wheel that you can use to adjust the aim of the pushing block. Do so, so it can launch you to the third island.   

When you are on the third island, you will see a giant floating globe with a hole at the top. The goal is to get a cube inside this hole.

Position the launcher so it faces the globe. Then use Ultrahand on one of the cubes and place it on the launcher. The cube will fly into the hole and then you need to follow it inside.

Get inside and use Ultrahand on the cube, hover it over the platform in the middle for a few moments, and then place it close to the opening hole. Climb it and then climb into the opening.

Target the cube and then use Recall on it up until the point the cube is over the platform. Then cancel it and it will drop and activate the platform.

When that happens, the globe rotates and you will access a new area below the one where you were. Here, you can loot the chest in the middle to get the Shinguards of the Zonaite Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Zonaite Waistgaurd 

The Zaionate Waistgaurd is easy to find but you will need a lot of stamina because of the long glide at the start. To start, head to Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower. From here, you need to glide to the West and aim for a waterfall under the water island. 

Zoanite Waistguard map location in Tears of the Kingdom

You will need to equip the Zora Armor for the next part. After using the waterfall to jump up, head to the island in front of you and activate the Yansamin Shrine. This shrine will activate the wind blowers. These wind blowers can be used, along with the glider, to fly further.  

After the third blower, move toward the center of the island. When on the top of the lower level, you will find a big hole in the middle. In the hole, you can see a set of lasers. Jump down the hole and use the glider to break your fall. 

When you reach the ground you will find two paths on the upper platform on which you landed. One path will be blocked by a building.

The other path, opposite to the first one, will descend towards a raised globe with some items in it. In front of the globe will be a plate on which you can place your Zonai charges.  

In your inventory, hold 5 charges in your hands and then drop them onto the plate. The globe will accept the charges and you will receive a lot of goodies from the globe.

These will be machine blueprints that you can use to place in the world and use your Zonai energy on them to operate. 

Now, move to the underside of the blocked path. You will find lava under the path as well as the building. Make a platform near the building’s wall using a blueprint with a flat head. You can throw Splash Fruit on the lava to cool it down and walk on it. 

Now use your ascend ability to go into the building with the mesh in front and open the chest you find in it to get the Zonaite Waistgaurd. 

Zonaite Helm

The Zonaite Helm is a bit difficult to look for in Tears of the Kingdom. Head on to the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower. Jump into the sky and use Tulin’s gust of wind to speed up.

You need to glide towards the Waterfall at North Tabantha Sky Archipelago, Southwest of the Skytower as shown on the map. The island you have to reach and the way you have to reach it are also shown with the yellow circle.  

When you are near the waterfall, change your chest piece to the Zora Armor to move up quickly using the waterfall. When on the island, you will find two minecarts next to a set of railway tracks.

Use your Ultrahand ability to move the minecarts on the tracks and place the rocket, located to the left of the tracks, on the back of the minecarts to use it to move forward. 

Now move towards the next island using the minecart. When you arrive here you will find two gliders and some fans and rockets which you can use to build a makeshift plane. Stand on the plane and hit the fans to start moving.

When you reach the island which is directly in front of you, jump off the plane. Here you will find two spring-loaded platforms which you can glue together using the Ultrahand Ability. After hitting the platform you will be thrown up.

Now move towards the next, smaller platform closest to you which is to the right of the island. On the smaller platform, there will be an enemy which you can take care of with the bow and arrow. 

On the smaller platform, there will be two rockets that you can use to move up. As you will be moving up, you will find a brown island with water in it. This island is above the one you jumped from. Now jump off this platform and glide towards the brown island. 

On the island, you will find the shrine of Ga-Ahisas. When you activate the shrine, the water will recede and open a path to go down. This path is to the right of the big rock in the middle and there is an enemy outside the path. Moving in the path you will find a wall. You can destroy this wall with bomb flowers and your bow.  

After the wall, there will be a path going down. In the end, there will be a platform with darkness on all sides, water around it, and two reflectors in front of you. You need to use these reflectors and look for other reflectors by shining around until you find the light beam moving up.

When this happens leave the reflector you are holding and move towards the next reflector, and then the next. Repeat this until the light beam is reflected downwards to another room.  

There will be an enemy near the yellow button on the wall. This enemy has a mirror shield that you can use to reflect the light toward the yellow button and activate the doors. When the doors are down, move to the ledge above the button. On the ledge will be a chest that contains the Zonaite Helm. 

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