Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom True Treasure Walkthrough

Help Sasan collect the true treasure of friendship in this heart-touching story.

During your playthrough of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you will come across the True Treasure side quest. This is one of the many quests where Link helps an NPC out.

It is short and easy, with nearly all of the required items present on location. You will be helping Sasan, a Hylian, cross a river in the cave.

He wants to reunite with his friend, Finley, who’s on the other side. Reuniting the two friends will reward you with a pair of Opals.

So, today, we will show you how to complete the True Treasure side quest in Zelda: TotK.

Talk to Kodah at Seabed Inn

To start the True Treasure side quest in Zelda: TotK, you must have completed the Sidon of the Zora main quest. Once the quest is completed, head to Zora’s Domain and talk to Kodah at the Seabed Inn.

Kodah explains that her daughter has gone to search for a treasure chest at a hidden shrine at Tarm Point. This begins the quest. Alternatively, you can go to Tarm Point and talk to the NPC there.

No matter which paths you take, you can reach Tarm Point by traveling northeast of Mount Lanayru and southeast of Zora’s Domain.

For clarity, follow the marked location on the Zelda map below with coordinates (4481, -0832, 0053).

Once at the location, you will find a hole in the ground that leads to a cave. Enter it, and you will discover Sasan near the underground river. If you didn’t pick up the quest in Zora’s domain, you’d get it now by talking to Sasan. Now, you must help him cross it and reunite him with Finley.

Help Sasan Reunite with Finley

Once you have chatted with Sasan, collect the Korok fronds and wooden sticks nearby. Use your fuse ability to combine the fronds and sticks to create a Korok frond guster.


Sasan won’t let you touch his raft without him being on it first.

This will allow you to sail the raft nearby. Talk to Sasan, and he will get on the raft. Using your Ultrahand ability, grab and place the raft into the water and hop onto it. Now, hit the sail with the Korok Fond Guster, creating enough wind to move the raft.


Lower the raft slowly and steadily on water. If you drop the raft hastily, Sasan will drown, and you will have to start again.

Now, you must navigate through the rocks, which will rise and fall under the water. Either move around them or wait a few moments for them to recede under the water. You’ll end up on the other side once you maneuver the raft from between the rocky courses.

Finally, Sasan will reunite with Finley, and you will complete the True Treasure side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Reward

You will receive a pair of Opals and access the Yomizuk Shrine as a reward.

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