Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom A Token Of Friendship Walkthrough

After completing the Water Temple, you can start the "Token of Friendship" quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

A Token of friendship is a side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This quest is given by Yona and she wants you to have the Zora Greaves which increase the Swim speed of anyone who wears it. the problem is the greaves are nowhere to be found and you will need to look for them in Zora’s Domain.

This side quest can only be started if you have already completed the Water Temple and killed Mucktorok. After completing this quest, the sludge in the water will disappear and the water will come back to normal. We will now guide you through how to find the lost Zora Greaves in Zelda: TotK.

How to start A Token of Friendship in Zelda: TotK

You need to speak with Yona to start the “Token of Friendship” quest in Tears of the Kingdom. She can be found in the Zora’s domain on the top floor, in front of the throne.

She will be standing on the edge of the wall and when you talk to her, the side quest will begin. Her coordinates are (3311, 0488, 0150). 

A Token of Friendship quest location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete A Token of Friendship in Zelda: TotK

When you talk to Yona, she mentions an ancient place known as the Ancient Zora waterworks. These waterworks can only be accessed by a whirlpool which is located in the center of the East Reservoir Lake.

The East Reservoir Lake has an island that you can use to stand on top. There is an island near the whirlpool that you can use to jump from and land on the pool.


You can also jump from the Shatterback point and glide all the way, while using the boost provided by Tulin, to reach the whirlpool. You can land on any part of the whirlpool and you will be sucked to the bottom of the whirlpool.

When inside, you will find some stairs and a pool of water after that. Cross them both. Next, you will find a set of stairs that will turn left.

In the end, there will be a person standing to the side. When you talk to him, he will tell you that he came to swim in the waterworks but there is no water to swim in.

Next to the person, the path will all be broken and you will need to navigate your way through the ruins towards the tall pillar in front. To the left of the pillar, you can find a path that leads to a drop in the back of it.

Jump down and you will land in a pool of shallow water. There will be a path that leads to a large hall with Brightbloom seeds to the right of the entrance. There will be a waterfall to your right and a path to its right filled with water.

Swim through the path and you will find another waterfall to your right. You will need to move into the waterfall.

Opposite the waterfall is a stone Talus which you can easily avoid. Inside the waterfall, there will be a cave with a chest in the middle.

Open this chest to acquire the Zora Greaves and complete Token of Friendship in Tears of the Kingdom.

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