How To Defeat Stone Talus In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom  

Stone Talus is one of the optional mini-bosses that you can encounter at various places in Zelda Tears of the...

Stone Talus is one of the optional mini-bosses that you can encounter at various places in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Like many other mini-bosses such as Lynel and Hinox. Stone Talus also has multiple variants with minor differences in the attacks and rewards.

When fighting these Titans, you want a proper strategy and learn about their moves. To give you an upper hand in the battle against a Stone Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we have prepared a guide below that tells you how to defeat it.

Where to find Stone Talus in Zelda TotK

We had to face a Stone Talus at a very early stage in Zelda TotK. For this guide, we will target a Luminous Stone Talus but the process of defeating them all is the same.

Walk north from the Orsedd Bridge, and you will come upon a cave. Walk into the Crenel Hills cave, and you will see a rock-like structure in the water.

Search the cave before approaching this rock-like structure in the water. Once you have searched the cave and taken all the useful materials, walk into the pond to face this rock-like structure (Stone Talus).

How to defeat Stone Talus in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Stone Talus is fairly easy to battle, but if you do not approach it strategically, you can have a tough time against it. Before you take on this boss, there are some things you should prepare in advance. Make sure you have a significant number of arrows with you because they play a main part in bringing down this stone monster.

Eat some hearty foods and elixirs before advancing. With a bow and arrows, you should have a strong sword or hammer to inflict heavy damage. Once you have all the things mentioned, you are ready to fight.

Looking closely at the Stone Talus, you will see a crystal behind its back. Aim at this crystal and shoot an arrow. It will stun him for a few seconds. As it is stunned, rapidly climbs on its back, and hits the crystal with a sword or hammer.

Stone Talus’s only weakness is this glowing luminous stone in its back. As it will regain consciousness quickly, run when you see it waking. After it wakes up, it will throw boulders at you, so hide behind a rock.

Look for an opportunity to shoot another arrow at its crystal to stun it again. Keep following the same technique; eventually, it will lose its life, and you will come out victorious.

Rewards for defeating Stone Talus

After Stone Talus is taken care of, it will drop many minerals on the ground. These minerals are Opal, Amber, Ruby, and Luminous stones. With these minerals, you will notice a glowing heart on the ground. This heart is called Luminous Stone Talus Heart. This reward is only dropped by the Luminous variant of Stone Talus and not the regular one.

However, you won’t be able to pick it up, but there is another great thing you can do with the heart. Equip any weapon that hasn’t been fused and use the Fuse ability to attach the Luminous heart to your chosen weapon.

Fusing the weapon with Stone Talus’s heart will increase the overall weapon attack power, making it one of the most destructive weapons in Zelda TotK.

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