How To Get Soldier’s Bow In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Soldier's Bow can be found in four locations on the Tears of the Kingdom map. Here is exactly where and how.

The Soldier’s Bow is another one of the options if you are looking for a ranged weapon with high DPS in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

In Zelda: Totk there are two types of bows, civilian and armed combat. The Soldier’s Bow belongs to the latter. Weapons designed for armed conflict have higher damage than their civilian counterparts.

You will get 14 baseline damage which you can ramp up by fuzing it with items of your choice, Shock Fruit, Fire like Stone, etc. The Soldier’s Bow in Zelda: TotK is not fireproof so think before playing with fire because you might end up burning your own weapon.

Soldier’s Bow location in Tears of the Kingdom

Soldier’s Bow is most commonly found in two main regions: Hyrule Field and Hebra Mountains. If you are looking for this specific bow then these two should be your main focus.

Although there are tons of other chests where you might find the Soldier’s Bow in TotK. We have marked some of the spots with the highest likelihood.

The map locations of Soldier's Bow in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location #1

The first spot will take you to the Hyrule Castle in the Hyrule Fields Region. Around the castle, you will find tons of chests with tons of loot in them but there is one specific chest that we are looking for and that is located right behind the castle.

You will find this right at the edge of the cliff and will be able to access it after breaking through some rocks. The more specific coordinates are -0196 1219, 0047.

Location #2

You might get lucky and find the Soldier’s Bow in a chest further down south of Hyrule (marked as 2 on the map).  

Towards the southern edge of Lake Colomo, you will find some ruins and near that area, you will find a chest containing the bow.  

You can use Hyrule Field Skyview Tower as your point of reference. The chest will be southwest of the tower.

Location 3

It is time to take your cold resistance armor out as we are going to take a trip up north in the Hebra Mountains. You can start at the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower and start going west towards the Hebra Plunge.

You will find a chest (marked 3 on the map) inside an ice block, that you can melt with any sort of fire weapon, near the edge of the cliff.  

Location 4

The fourth marker will take you to the Forgotten Temple in the Hebra Mountains Region. This is also where the Mayausiy Shrine is located as well.

The temple can be reached by passing through the Tanagar Canyon. Inside the Forgotten Temple, you will find a chest on top of a pillar, not far from the entrance. Inside which will be the Soldier’s Bow.

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