Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom All Amiibo Unlocks And Rewards

Amiibo figures have been a big part of every new Nintendo game for a long while now. Scanning different amiibos...

Amiibo figures have been a big part of every new Nintendo game for a long while now. Scanning different amiibos on your Switch grants various rewards in the games you are playing. The same is true for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom which features a huge list of possible rewards you can unlock through amiibo figures.

This guide will help you understand how to scan amiibos in Tears of the Kingdom and all the features and rewards that are unlocked through amiibos in Zelda TotK.

How to scan amiibo figurines in Zelda TotK

The method of unlocking the amiibo scan functionality is pretty straightforward. Like all the other abilities Link has, Amiibo ability is also unlocked on the Great Sky Island. As you wake up at the start of the game, go to Temple of Time and that should unlock the amiibo scan feature for you.

Anytime during the gameplay, you can pause the game and open the Options Menu. From there open the Amiibo option and then enable Amiibo functionality. Once it is enabled, you will see a new Amiibo Icon on your Ability Wheel.

zelda tears of the kingdom amiibo unlocks

Selecting the ability makes a circle on the ground. This circle will sign toward the place where you will receive the reward that is obtained by scanning the Amiibo.

Now simply place any amiibo figurine on your Nintendo Switch while you are in-game and its corresponding reward should get unlocked in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom amiibo rewards and unlocks

Around twenty-six Amiibo figurines work with Zelda TotK although the number of items you can unlock are over 50. That is because some amiibos can unlock multiple items, which one you get is random so you have to scan multiple times.

  • Only some of the amiibo offer unique rewards or unlocks after you scan them.
  • The remaining ones are non-Zelda amiibo that only grant generic rewards such as currency, food, etc.

With the daily amiibo scan limit, it can take you up to several days to unlock all the figurines. But worry not, we have made a list of all the known Amiibo along with the rewards you may get by scanning them in Zelda: TotK. This way you can get a sneak peek of the upcoming content before patiently playing through the game.

Tears of the Kingdom LinkTunic of Memories Fabric
Breath of the Wild Rider LinkHylian-Hood Fabric, Weapons (Including the Soldier’s Broadsword)
Breath of the Wild Archer LinkTunic of Memories Fabric, Sword-Spirit Paraglider Fabric, Crates (Can contain arrows)
Skyward Sword LinkSword-Spirit Fabric & Of The Sky Costume
Twilight Princess LinkMirror of Twilight Fabric and Epona Horse
Twilight Princess Wolf LinkIngredients (Including Raw Prime Meat and Raw Meat)
Toon Link from The Wind WakerKing Of Red Lions Fabric & Of The Wind Costume
Link from Majora’s MaskMajora’s Mask Fabric & Fierce Deity Costume Ingredients (Including Chillshroom, Zapshroom, Hylian Shroom, Razorshroom, and Skyshroom) Weapons (Including the Knight’s Broadsword)
Link from Ocarina of TimeLon Lon Ranch Fabric & Of Time Costume
Link’s Awakening LinkEgg Fabric & Awakening Costume
Super Smash Bros. LinkMirror Of Twilight Fabric, Of Twilight Costume & Epona Horse
Young Link from Super Smash Bros.Lon Lon Ranch Fabric & Of Time Costume Weapons (Including the Soldier’s Claymore)
Toon Link from Super Smash Bros.King of Red Lions Fabric & Of The Wind Costume
8-Bit Link: The Legend of ZeldaPixel Fabric & Of The Hero Costume Barrels (Can contain Arrows) Weapons (Including the Knight’s Broadsword)
Breath of the Wild ZeldaHyrule-Princess Fabric Shields (Including Soldier’s Shield)
Zelda and Loftwing: Skyward Sword HDGoddess (Paraglider) Fabric Ingredients (Including Warm Safflina, Hyrule Herb, Electric Safflina, and Armoranth)
The Wind Waker ZeldaBygone-Royal Fabric
Super Smash Bros ZeldaPrincess of Twilight (Paraglider) Fabric
SheikSheik’s Mask  & Sheik Fabric Shields (Including the Shield of the Mind’s Eye)
Super Smash Bros GanondorfDemon King Fabric
Breath of the Wild RevaliBows (Including Swallow Bow) Rito-Champion Fabric
Breath of the Wild MiphaZora-Champion Fabric Weapons (Including Zora Spear)
Breath of the Wild UrbosaGerudo-Champion Paraglider Fabric Ingredients (Including Raw Prime Meat and Raw Bird Drumstick)
Breath of the Wild DarukGoron-Champion Fabric Weapons (Including Cobble Crusher)
Breath of the Wild GuardianAncient-Sheikah Fabric Metal crates (Can contain Arrows) Shields (Including Rusty Shield)
Breath of the Wild BokoblinBokoblin Fabric Sheilds (Including Spiked Boko Shield)

As mentioned before, there is an unlock limit so if you get something you don’t need, you will have to wait till the next day to scan again. You can however bypass this by creating a save before scanning an amiibo. If you don’t get the desired item, just reload the save and try again.

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