Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom None Shall Pass Guide

The None Shall Pass Shrine Quest in Tears of the Kingdom is given to Link by Zooki and is required to unlock Sakunbomar Shrine.

Korok Forest is home to a lot of shrines that require Link to undergo specific trials to gain access to them. Among those shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Sakunbomar Shrine requires Link to find and complete the “None Shall Pass”? shrine quest.

The purpose of this quest is to find the Sakunbomar shrine inside Lost Woods and offer it a Green Crystal after defeating an imposing foe. Don’t lose heart as we are here to help you overcome both trials with ease.

None Shall Pass Shrine Quest location in Zelda: TotK

Musanokir Shrine Location marked on Hyrule Map in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The None Shall Pass? shrine quest can be found inside the Korok Forest by talking to a little Korok named Zooki in Tears of the Kingdom.

To find Zooki, start from Musanokir Shrine and go west. The exact location of the shrine is marked on the map, and its coordinates are 0408, 2133, 0144.

Stay on the path toward the west from the Musanokir Shrine. The path itself will be illuminated by Glowing Beanpods. Keep going uphill until Link comes across Zooki who is blocking the way forward.

It will tell Link of the dangers ahead and inform him of a shrine in the northeast corner of the forest. This will start the None Shall Pass shrine quest.

Link and Zooki Talking

How to complete None Shall Pass in Zelda: TotK

From the location of Zooki, go north to enter a fog-filled part of the Korok Forest. Follow Zooki’s advice and travel the path illuminated by Blue Nightshade Flowers.

Don’t pick them or you will risk the chance of getting lost in this area of Korok Forest. Tread carefully because this part of the forest is infested with tons of Stal Bokoblins and Walking Tree enemies.

Link Standing In Front of the Sakunbomar Shrine

Make your way to the northeast part of the forest to find the Sakunbomar Shrine. As always, you can trigger the quest simply by interacting with the Shrine. Upon doing so, you see a green beam of light shoot out, indicating the location of the crystal required to unlock the shrine.

Follow the light and you will find the crystal attached to the body of a Stone Talus serving as the life force.

Link Fighting Stone Talus

The task at hand is simple yet daunting. You need the crystal and the only way to obtain it is by taking the Stone Talus down. Make sure to use the strongest weapon in your arsenal to cheese through the process.

You can the Stone Talus. Use the Recall ability on its hands to use them against it. Follow the strategy to take down this mini-boss. Once you are done with the fight, retrieve the crystal and bring it back to the Sakunbomar Shrine.

Place the Green Crystal on the Sakunbomar shrine’s platform to finish the “None Shall Pass?” shrine quest in Zelda: Totk. This will make the Sakunbomar shrine appear, and bestow Rauru’s Blessing on Link.

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