Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Makasura Shrine Walkthrough

The Makasura Shirne in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom must be completed quickly compared to all shrines because you will need it to fast-travel to Kakariko Village every time. Kakariko Village is an essential location, so you will need a fast travel point in Zelda TotK.

This guide will brief you on how to get to and complete the trial puzzle of Makasura Shrine.

Where to find the Makasura Shrine in Zelda: TotK

You must travel to the Kakariko village to find this shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. The map below will help you to reach the shrine. Some nearby locations of the shrines include Ring Ruins and Lantern Lake.

The coordinates of Makasura Shrine are (1770, -1050, 0166).

How to complete Makasura Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Makasura Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires you to solve a trial puzzle, “An Upright Device,” to complete it. The Makasura Shrine Puzzle solution is not that difficult. When you enter the shrine, you will see a perforated platform on the top of a high wall.

To climb that, use your Ascend ability to lift yourself to the platform’s top. Now, you can see two Stabilizers and a perforated L-shaped plate before a ditch. You must attach the plate to the stabilizer using the Ultrahand ability with the bend on the other side.


Stand the plate vertically on the stabilizer and rotate it 180 degrees. Hit the stabilizer to stop it from falling. Then climb the plate and paraglide towards the other side of the platform in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

In the next area, you will need to put a ball in the hole in the ground. Take the L-shaped metal plate and put it along the fenced wall using your Ultrahand ability. Hit the stabilizer to stop it from falling.

Make a Catapult

Climb the plate and get on the other side of the wall to get the orange ball. The ball needs to be thrown over the wall. You must make a catapult in Zelda TotK; the materials are available in the same spot.

Place the ball on the cup attached to the metal plate. Attach the stabilizer on the other side and hit it to launch the ball over the wall. Now, go back to the other side of the wall by using the Ascend ability.

Use Ultrahand ability to place the orange ball into the ground hole. By doing this, a door will open from where you can take an L-shaped metal palte with a cup attached to its one end. To reach the end, you must catapult yourself to cross the long ditch.

An L-shaped plate is already placed on the ground with a stabilizer in Zelda TotK. Take the L-shaped metal plate you got from the room and attach its L side to the L side of the other plate. This will make a catapult.

Hit the stabilizer to activate the catapult. But you cannot launch yourself this way. Use the Recall ability on the catapult after activating it to bring it to default. Now, sit on the cup, and when the Recall effect ends, you will be launched to the other side of the platform. 

Interact with the Makasura shrine statue in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and claim the Light of Blessing Orb.

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