How To Get Hylian Shield In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Hylian Shield is hidden away in a chest in Hyrule Castle at the coordinates (-0161, 1159, 0037) in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Hylian Shield has returned in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom as one of the best shields you can equip. It offers excellent protection with a whopping 90 defense with long-lasting durability. It was passed down the royal family of Hyrule a mark of a legendary hero who wielded it.

Unlike BotW, the Hylian Shield is pretty easy to obtain in Zelda: TotK, so easy in fact that you can get it with no special equipment unlocked.

With repairs and repurchases added to TotK, you don’t have to wait to get more XP to upgrade it, and can be acquired at the start of the game. Let’s get into how you can get your hands on one of the best shields in Tears of the Kingdom

The Hylian Shield location in Tears of the Kingdom

Hylian Shield is hidden away in a chest in Hyrule Castle at the coordinates (-0161, 1159, 0037) in Tears of the Kingdom. Before making your way to the castle make sure you have a source to light a fire like a stick, torch, arrows, Fire Fruit, or Red Chuchu Jelly, etc.

There are two ways to access the Hyrule Castle, through water or sky depending on your preference and what’s available to you. We suggest the water-based route for beginners simply because it does not require anything besides a paraglider and a stick.

Entering Hyrule Castle through the Sky

The first method is through the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower but if you don’t have it unlocked you can use the other method instead.


Use the spring within the tower to launch you in the sky from where you can glide to the back of Hyrule Castle towards the Hyrule Castle Moat, precisely in Hyrule Castle B2.

Enter through the cave entrance and land near the stairs on the ground.

Entering Hyrule Castle through the Water

To go through the water, you need to head to the cliff North of Hyrule Castle Moat from where you can paraglide across to the Castle grounds at the coordinates (-0306, 1175, 0053). Looking down you will find a darker platform with some supplies on it which you can use to enter the Hyrule Castle faster.

Attach the wooden board with a fan to make a simple raft and place it on the water. Use a stick to start the fan and navigate to the inner docks of Hyrule Castle Moat. Note that the raft will only move in one direction so change the direction of the fan by detaching it to steer the boat.

There is also a raft on the dock of Castle Town Prison, West of Hyrule Castle which you can use if that is the route you decide to take.

Where to find the Hylian Shield Chest in Zelda: TotK

Once inside the Hyrule Castle Docks, you will find stairs leading deeper into the castle which are guarded by Gloom Hands which can be pretty daunting to fight.

The Hylian Shield chest location in Tears of the Kingdom.

To avoid the fight, simply swim across towards the huge rock on the side of the wall. Climb up the wall with the banner, which you can rest on as well to restore stamina.

It will lead you to an unlit torch surrounded by fire lamps in the middle of the platform. Light the brazier with the fire source you brought and a chest will pop up containing the Hylian Shield in Zelda: TotK. You can fast-travel out to exit the castle without any confrontation.

Buying the Hylian Shield in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

With significant progress in the game, you will have access to The Mayoral Election Side Adventure in Hateno Village. Completing the quest will grant you access to Cece’s private collection where you will be able to purchase The Hylian Shield for 3000 Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

Does the Hylian Shield respawn after it breaks in Zelda: TotK?

If the Hylian Shield breaks, you will be able to purchase another copy from Cece after completing The Mayoral Election Side Adventure.

To repair The Hylian Shield, you can feed it to a Rock Octorok which will take it in the broken shield and spit out a repaired one. It can only fix one equipment in a lifecycle so you can kill it after the repairs and wait for the Blood Moon for another chance.

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