Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Forest Dweller’s Spear Locations

Convert your one-shot fusion items into an infinite fusion with Forest Dweller's Spear.

Forest Dweller’s Spear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a two-handed weapon that belongs to Korok Gear equipment. The Forest Koroks of Hyrule specially build these weapons and equipment with a unique perk.

The in-game description of the composition of these spears says that they are entirely made of wood. This means that you can use these spears during Thunderstorms without the fear of getting hit by lightning. However, if you take it out in the lava-ridden Eldin Region, this spear will burn.

Forest Dweller’s Spear Locations

Forest Dweller’s Spears are commonly found in several locations of Hyrule. Some prominent Spear locations and the way to reach them are mentioned below.

Deku Tree – Korok Forest

The first and easy way to find Forest Dweller’s Spear is by going to the place of its creators, i.e., the Korok Forest. The precise location is at the top of the Deku Tree, at the center of the Great Hyrule Forest. You will likely visit this place to complete Walton’s Treasure Hunt side quest in Zelda: TotK.


Forest Dweller’s Spear on Deku Tree respawns after every Blood Moon.

After reaching the place, look around for a giant tree wall (This is Deku Tree’s part). As you climb this wall, a blinking weapon, Forest Dweller’s Sword, will be above the surface.

Now, for our required weapon, walk downwards on the same wooden wall and stop where the tree stem intersects. That’s where you will see the Forest Dweller’s Spear right before you. The Coordinates for the Spear are (0406, 2197, 0229).

Deplian Badlands Cave – Eldin Mountains

The Deplian Badlands Cave is located on the outskirts of Deplian Badlands, near Minetak Shrine. If you have already completed this shrine, it will be much easier to fast-travel to this cave’s location.

To find the Forest Dweller’s Spear, go to the right and left inside the cave in Zelda: TotK. This is also where the Bubbul Gem can be obtained from the Bubbul frog.

Coordinates: (0332, 3465, 0069)

Mekar Island

Another Forest Dweller’s Spear is located at Mekar Island, on the western side of the Korok Forest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. This place teems with Gloom Hands, so be careful while visiting the island.

Forest Dweller’s Spear Stats

Forrest Dweller’s Spear has a unique ability called Fuse Recycling. This allows you to attach one-shot fuse items to the spear and use them until it breaks.


This doesn’t work with Bomb Arrows, Ancient Blade, and Gibdo Bones.

This means you can fuse a Puffshroom or Muddlebud Flower to your Forest Dweller’s Spear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and keep using it to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

  • Affiliation: Koroks 
  • Weapon Type: Two-Handed Spear 
  • Base Damage: 6 
  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 420 
  • Passive Ability: Fuse Recycling 
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