Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom A Trip Through History Quest Walkthrough

Take a trip through history to discover the past of the ring ruins.

A trip through History Quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom involves finding historical texts and bringing your findings to Bugut to decipher. This quest is troubling because there are no markers to find slabs containing the text.

In this guide, we will take you to Kakariko Village and help you locate all the books easily in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We have a map with all four locations marked. These books will always be on a table under a shed to avoid getting wet by rain.

How to Start A Trip Through History Quest in Zelda: TotK

A Trip Through History quest can be obtained by talking to a man named Bugut inside Kakariko Village. You can reach the village by following our guide or by fast traveling to the Makasura shrine.


Kakariko Village is in north Necluda, east of Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and Southeast of Lookout Landing.

When you enter the village, look for a man walking around with a backpack. His name is Bugut, and you can find him on the main road of Kakariko Village. We are not mentioning his coordinates as he likes to move around all the time.

The Zonai Survey Team is already working on deciphering the messages, and they have done some work on that, too. The problem is that Bugut is afraid of heights and asks you to do so and find out what the team has deciphered from the slabs.

How to complete A Trip Through History in Zelda: TotK

A Trip Through History is a simple quest to complete in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but as stated before, the item locations are not marked on the map.

There are a total of five slabs near the village. One of them was near the ground, and he went to learn about the decipher. The other four are scattered around Kakariko Village, which you must find.


Always use the shrine as a fast travel point and to gain some altitude to reach the locations conveniently.

1. For the first book, we will go Southeast of Kakariko Village and east of Makasura Shrine. Glide from the shrine to reach the Zonai Dispenser device.

There are stairs to the left of the zonai device dispenser. Climb half the stairs and go straight through the fallen rings. Turn left to find a room with a table.

Interact with the first book (1939, -1080, 0166) to collect the clues for Bugut.

2. The second slab/book is to the North of Kakariko Village, in the ring ruins near the northwestern edge of East Hill Chasm.

This area is opposite Makasura Shrine; you can simply walk into the ring ruin with the table. To collect further clues, interact with the second book (1900, -0810, 0199).

3. The third book is inside the zonai survey team tent near the Ring Ruins to the Northwest of Kakariko Village.

This place is on top of scaffolding, and you will need to climb a lot to reach it. You will notice some people standing near a tent.

Enter the tent and interact with the third book on the table (1738, -0900, 0199) to collect more clues for Bugut.

4. The final slab is southeast of Kakariko Village, and it is also inside fallen rings.

This place is on the back side of the Makasura Shrine. Some Sheikah people are standing near the ruins.

Go past the campfire to enter the Ring Ruins and interact with the fourth and the final book (1633, -1177, 0218) on the table.


Once you have acquired all the clues from all four books, travel back to the Kakariko Village and look for Bugut. Talk to him and tell him about the information you gathered from the Deciphers.

He will reward you with three Thunderwing Butterflies to complete A Trip Through History in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This butterfly will grant you electrical resistance when used in brewing elixirs.

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