Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom A Trip Through History Walkthrough

"A Trip Through History" tasks you to deciper clues to the locations of some slabs in Tears of the Kingdom.

A Trip Through History side quest is quite a tricky one to solve in Tears of the Kingdom. You will need to find the Decipher of the tablets and bring the information to the quest giver.

The problem comes when you have to look for them because they are not indicated anywhere on the map. The following guide will walk you through the locations and the ways you can get to the tablets in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to start A Trip Through History in Zelda: TotK

A Trip Through History can be started when you first travel to the Kakariko village in Tears of the kingdom. This village is situated in the southern part of Lanayru Wetlands.

Trip Through History map location in Tears of the Kingdom

When you enter the village, you will need to look for a man walking around with a backpack on his back. His name is Bugut and you can find him at 1819, -1000, 0112.

When you approach and talk to him, he will tell you about the Ring Ruins. he says that the five ruins fell near this village and he has come to this place to find out about the message in the slabs.

The Zonai Survey Team is already on the task of deciphering the messages and they have done some work on that too. The problem is that Bugut is afraid of heights and asks you to do so and find out what the team has deciphered from the slabs.


How to complete A Trip Through History in Zelda: TotK

“A Trip Through History” is a simple quest to complete but as stated before, the item locations are not marked on the Tears of the Kingdom map.

There are a total of five slabs near the village. One of them was near the ground and he went to learn about the decipher. The others are also near the village.

Now from the village, the nearest slab you can travel to is to the southeast. You can find it when you take the road which passes through the village.

In the ruins, you will find a set of stairs and to the right of them, a table with a lantern and books on it. Examine them and you will read the deciphered slab.

For the second deciphered text, you can travel to the southwest of the village. You can reach it by moving west on the road crossing through the village.

The ruins are between two cliffs and south of the road. In the central courtyard of the ruins, there will be an enemy camp of bokobins.

After dealing with them, look to the right of the campfire to find a table with the books and lantern as before. Read the deciphered slab for Bugut.

Next, you can move towards the ruins to the north of the Latern Lake and west of the Kakariko village.

This is on a wooden platform east of the ruins and you can either move from the ground or fast-travel to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower and fly towards the ruin and land on the wooden platform. Here read the book of deciphered text as before.

The final slab is in the ruins on East Hill. This is to the North of the Kakariko Village and west of the East Hill Chasm.

If you are on the wooden platform of the Lantern Lake ruin, you can just glide towards this ruin. Here you will need to find a planked path that leads into the ruins.

Inside, you will find the table and the book. Examine to learn about this last ruin’s slab and complete the difficult part.

Now travel back to the Kakariko Village and look for Bugut. Talk to him and tell him about the information you gathered from the Deciphers.

He will reward you with three Thunderwing Butterflies to complete “A Trip Through History” in Tears of the Kingdom. This butterfly will grant you electrical resistance when used in cooking food.

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