Teach Me A Lesson I and II Guide

Help Symin teach a lesson to the children of Hateno School.

Teach Me a Lesson is a series (Two Parts) of quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that takes place in the school of Hateno Village. Princess Zelda started a school for children and appointed Symin as their teacher. You need to run a few errands for him to help the children at his school. In this guide, we will help you complete both Teach Me A Lesson I and Teach Me a Lesson II.

Talk To Symin at Hateno School

To unlock the Teach Me a Lesson side quest, you must talk to Symin at Hateno School in the morning. The classes start at 9 am, and you need to be there.

Use an inn or bonfire to skip the time to morning. Hateno School is Northwest of Hateno Village. You can easily get there from the Zanmik Shrine.

Talk to Symin (3361, -1969, 0129) to start the quest. You can now select it from your journal.

As mentioned before, there are two parts of the Teach Me a Lesson quest in Zelda: TotK. We will be covering both in detail below.

Teach Me a Lesson 1 Walkthrough

When you talk to Symin for the first time, he will ask you to snap a picture of calamity to show the students. One such picture is present in Paya’s Hall in Kakariko Village.

To reach Kakariko Village, fast-travel to the Makasura Shrine. From there, you can glide to the big house in the middle of the village. This house is above the massive stairs and is the village elder’s house.

This is Paya’s house. Go inside the house and climb the stairs to the right. Go to the room at the end of the stairs and turn left to find a picture of the calamity (1775, -0982, 0129).

Take out your camera by holding the L button and focus on the picture. Once the words “screen depicting the calamity” with a red sign appear, snap the photo.

Return to Hateno School and show the picture to Symin. This will complete the Teach Me a Lesson I side quest, and you will receive 10x bundles of Hylian Rice as a reward.

Teach Me a Lesson 2 Walkthrough

Go back to Hateno School the following day and once again talk to Symin. This time, he will ask you to create a Monster Curry. This will start the Teach Me a Lesson II quest.

To create Monster Curry, you need three ingredients. Hylian Rice, Monster Extract, and Goron Spice.

  • Hylian Rice: This item can be obtained by completing the Teach Me a Lesson I quest. You can also purchase it from the general store of Lookout Landing and Kakariko Village.
  • Goron Spice can only be purchased from the general store in Goron City. It cannot be obtained elsewhere. Use the Marakuguc Shrine to travel to Goron City quickly.
  • Monster Extract can be obtained as a reward for completing A Monstrous Collection side quest or visiting the general store of Tarrey Town.

Once you have all the ingredients, use any cooking pot to cook Monster Curry. Go back to Symin and hand over the curry to him. He will use it as an example to teach the children of Hateno School that Monster Curry is edible.

This will complete the Teach Me a Lesson II quest, and you will get access to Hateno School’s field to cultivate crops. However, you must complete Uma’s Garden side quest to learn more about gardening.

Quest Reward

You will get the following rewards for completing both parts of the Teach Me a Lesson side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • 10x Hylian Rice
  • Access to Hateno School’s Field.
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