How To Deal With Grandma In Starfield?  

Grandma in Starfield is a wholesome NPC with stories to tell and a meal to share.

While exploring the expanse of space, you will encounter a character named Grandma in Starfield. She will be found randomly as you fly your ship around and will hail you on the comms.

You will be exploring space, minding your own business, when suddenly a ship will approach you, and a strange voice will invite you over. She means you no harm, but there are a few things you can do here.

Should you dock with Grandma in Starfield? 

Trusting strangers inviting you for a hot meal in the middle of nowhere is usually a trick. Most of the time, it can end badly for you. But this instance is the exception to the rule.

As you come out of a Grav Jump, Grandma will come over to you in her ship in Starfield. She will invite you inside for a hot meal. We recommend that you take her up on the offer and dock with her ship. Go inside her ship and have a meal with her, and she will cook food for you. 

 After having a lengthy conversation with her, she will offer you some free food and stuff from inside her ship. You can take them at your will. 

What does Grandma do in Starfield? 

The Grandma in Starfield is a random but wholesome NPC encounter. She tells you her life story after you decide to board her ship. She is a retired person who is spending her time exploring space. She has grandkids who are angry at her for her adventuring ways.

Furthermore, she also tells you that her husband passed away, and since then, she has invited random people over for meals. She also has a lot of funny stories about her wacky encounters in space with strange individuals.

Grandma in Starfield adds life to the game. She is a nice breath of fresh air between all the space battles and questing. You can also give her a generous donation of 1000 credits for which she will be grateful. All in all, this is a wholesome encounter that will leave you happy.

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