How To Get And Equip Weapon Skins In Starfield

Starfield has very few Weapons Skins, but do you know how you can get weapons with unique Weapon Skins?

If you add a Weapons workbench to your ship in Starfield or visit the one in The Lodge, you will notice the option of equipping weapon skins to your weapons. Weapon Skins are purely of cosmetic value and can help players give their weapons a cool appearance.

You can also apply the same skin to all your arsenal and create a harmonious look. However, only two weapon skins are available in the game now.

How to get Weapon Skins in Starfield

Currently, there is no way to get weapon skins through in-game exploration, as the only two available skins come with specific editions of the game, i.e., the pre-order and the premium edition.

The two skins include the Old Mars and the Constellation Skin in Starfield. The Old Mars skin features a gray background embellished with red stripes that give your equipment a distinct appearance, and Game Pass subscribers also have access to it.

The Constellation Skin features a white background with colorful stripes. You can apply this skin to the Equinox, Constellation Helmet, and Constellation Spacesuit to give them a distinguishable appearance and increase their cosmetic appeal in Starfield. 

How to equip Weapon Skins

Once you can access Old Mars or Constellation weapon skins, you will need a weapon workbench to equip it for your Cutter or Equinox. You can either add a Weapon workbench to your ship with the help of a Ship Technician or visit the one in the Starfield Lodge’s basement.


After finding a workbench, interact with it, select the weapon you wish to apply the skin to, and then choose the skin.

Best Weapon Skins you can get in Starfield

Although there are no freely customizable skins available in Starfield yet, there are a few snazzy weapon skins permanently attached to weapons that you must get. These weapons include:

Heller’s Cutter

Heller’s Cutter features a unique yellow skin distinct from the typical red color scheme. This Cutter is on the Vectera planet of the Narion system at the Argos Extractors Mining Post.


Deadeye has a shiny skin added to the Razorback pistol in Starfield, which gives it a lustrous metal appearance. You can get this weapon after completing the Deputized Freestar Ranger Mission on the Akila planet of the Cheyenne System.


Justifier is a unique skin for the Law Giver rifle in Starfield, giving it an oil-slick effect on the barrel. To get the Justifier, complete the Hammer Falls Mission at the end of the Freestar Ranger questline.

Brawler’s Equinox

The Brawler’s Equinox is a modified equinox with a visually appealing appearance featuring colored wires running down the side. I purchased this weapon from Apex Electronics.

Modified XM-2311

The Modified XM-2311 is a unique variant of the old Earth pistol, and its skin in Starfield gives it a modernized look. This gun can be obtained after finishing the First Contact quest and fast traveling to the Porrina System.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

The Sir Livingstone’s Pistol is also a modified version of the old earth pistol with a unique appearance. Your parents will give you this weapon if you choose the Kid’s Stuff trait and visit your parents.

Acid Rain

Acid Rain is a rare rifle with distinct green-colored skin in Starfield. This weapon has one of the coolest weapon skins in the Starfield and can be purchased from Apex Electronics.

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