How To Add Workbenches To Ships In Starfield

If you don't know how to add Workbenches to Ships, your Starfield journey can get tough.

Adding Workbenches to your Ships in Starfield is necessary, as you will need to craft and upgrade tools on the go. These workbenches will allow you to have various labs and workshops on your ship, ultimately improving your ship’s capabilities.

You can add workbenches to your ship by purchasing different Habitat Modules from Ship Technicians. Let us look into how to add workbenches and where to find the Ship Technicians providing them.

Visit Ship Technician to Add Workbenches to Ships in Starfield

To add workbenches to your ship, you will want to visit a Ship Technician. You can find one on most of the docking bays and spaceports in the galaxy. Ship Services Techs have numerous customizations for your ship, but to add workbenches, you must select the “I’d like to view and modify my ships” option.

This will lead you to the Ship Builder menu in Starfield; click the Add button and then the Habs tab. The Habs tab is on the top right of the screen. After choosing it, you will see the different predesigned habitat modules with their value.

Although many habitat module options are available, not all offer workbenches in Starfield. Only three of them do. You can have an Infirmary or Science Lab Workbench Module, offering your ship a Pharmaceutical Lab and a Research Lab. The Workshop Module adds an Industrial, Weapons, and Spacesuit workbench to your ship.

If you wish to add all the workbenches mentioned above to your ship in Starfield, you can choose Stroud Workshop 2×1 or HopeTech Workshop 2×1 hab modules.


Taiyo Workship 2×1 Bottom A, Taiyo Workship 2×1 Bottom B, Taiyo Workship 2×1 Mid, Taiyo Workship 2×1 Top A, and Taiyo Workship 2×1 Top B are also great options to add a Research Bay, Industrial Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench and Weapon Workbench to your ship.

Major Ship Technician locations

You can find Ship Services Techs on almost every planet in Starfield. These will help you in customizing the interior as well as the exterior of your ship. Some of the significant Ship Techs you can visit to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield are mentioned below.

Ship TechPlanetSystemLocation
New AtlantisJemisonAlpha Centauri SystemNear the landing pad in front of your ship
CydoniaMarsSol SystemClose to humanity’s spiritual home
New HomesteadTitanSol SystemNear the Trade Authority Kisosk
Akila CityAkilaCheyenne SystemIn a shack found by following the path from the main landing pad at Starfield Akila City.
The Red MilePorrima IIIPorrima SystemThree jumps to the right of Alpha Centauri
ParadisoPorrima IIPorrima SystemNear the Trade Authority Kiosk
NeonVolii AlphaVolii SystemIn an office on the left of the main landing pad
HopetownPolvoValo SystemNear the main landing pad
Stroud-Eklund StaryardOrbiting DalvikNarion SystemSpeak to Havershaw in his cubicle

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