How To Get Sterile Nanotubes In Starfield

Get you hands on the Sterile Nanotubes and craft important items and mods.

Sterile Nanotubes are one of the items in Starfield that you can find or craft using some raw resources. These will help you craft other items like Substrate Molecule Sieve and armor mods. It is a Tier 1 item with a value of only 130 Credits. If you need it for crafting, here’s how to get your hands on the Sterile Nanotubes.


Sterile Nanotubes can also be acquired as random loot from different containers and other sources; however, crafting and merchants are fool-proof methods to get Steril Nanotubes in Starfield.

Stores that sell Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield

Like most items, you can find the Sterile Nanotubes as a part of the loot. You can find them on shelves, boxes, and tables in open areas.

There is no specific way to determine if their probability of appearing in loot is higher or if you should jump to other ways. The best option is to keep both in mind: find them through loot and buy them when needed.

To continue the conversation about where to buy them, here’s the list of shops with Sterile Nanotubes available in Starfield.

Shop NameLocationCityPlanet
Shepherd’s General StoreAkila CityAkila
OutlandCommercial DistrictNew AtlantisJemison
UC ExchangeCentral HubCydoniaMars
Sieghart’s OutfittersNeon CoreNeonVolii Alpha
General GoodsThe Reckoner’s CoreThe KeySuvorov
Clint’s CollectiblesGagarin LandingGagarin

If you can’t find the Sterile Nanotubes in these shops, it’s better to wait 24 in-game hours and then come back. The shop items rotate randomly, so sometimes you may not find the item you are looking for. Rest in a nearby space to speed up this process and return to see the items changed after a while.

If you don’t want to spend any time finding the Sterile Nanotube, enter its item ID and quantity in the command console and get it. You need to enter the following console command to get it:

player.additem 00246B6C

How to craft Sterile Nanotubes

If you can’t find a Sterile Nanotube in Starfield, you can also craft it. But you must ensure you have the Rank 3 in Special Project science skills for crafting. The items that you will need to craft it at the Industrial Workbench include:

  • Vanadium x2
  • Molecular Sieve x1
  • Solvent x2

Vanadium is a resource that can be mined from various locations. It can also be bought from resource shops quite easily. Molecular Sieve is a component that you can craft using some resources. Here’s the list of resources needed for Molecular Sieve in Starfield:

  • Ionic Liquids x2
  • Mag Pressure Tank x1
  • Membrane x2

The Mag Pressure Tank is a compound made by combining Aluminum x2 and Nickel x1 at the crafting table. The order in which the items are made is Mag Pressure Tank, Molecular Sieve, and then Sterile Nanotubes. Below is the list of all the items used for this useful compound.

ResourceUsed forAmount
VanadiumDirectly used in making Sterile Nanotube2
SolventDirectly used in making Sterile Nanotube2
Molecular SieveDirectly used in making Sterile Nanotube1
Ionic LiquidsUsed in making Molecular Sieve2
MembraneUsed in making Molecular Sieve2
Mag Pressure TankUsed in making Molecular Sieve1
NickelUsed in making Mag Pressure Tank1
AluminumUsed in making Mag Pressure Tank2

Collect all these items and then make compounds accordingly. After this, you can use the required items to craft the Sterile Nanotubes in Starfield.

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