How To Get Rothicite Magnet In Starfield

Rothicite Magnet is an important component that you will need for Outpost Development and Research.

Rothicite Magnet is a rare, manufactured component in Starfield that plays an important role in outpost development. Getting it can be tedious, but there are different ways in which you can get it. You can even use its item ID, 203EB2, in the command console to get it. Below, you will find all the ways in which you can get your hands on the Rothicite Magnet.

Where to buy the Rothicite Magnet in Starfield

One way to get Rothicite Magnets is to buy them from a vendor. Do note that there is an element of RNG, and it is not guaranteed that you will find the Rothicite Magnet when you visit some vendor. Some of the vendors where you have a little high chance of getting this component are:

Zuri AbaraThe KeySuvorov
Trade Authority VendorThe DenChthonia
Dietrich SieghartSieghart’s OutfittersVolii
Isra LiskovaThe KeySuvorov
Denis AvarinUC Exchange ShopMars

How to craft Rothicite Magnets

You can opt to craft Rothicite Magnets yourself at any Industrial Workbench. To do so, you will need the Special Projects skill at rank 4, as well as the following items:

  • 2x Lithium
  • 1x Semimetal Wafer
  • 1x Supercooled Magnet
  • 4x Rothicite

Two of these components, Rothicite, and Supercooled magnet, are rarer, but worry not, as we will help you get them.


To obtain raw Rothicite, your best bet in Starfield is the moon Carinae III-a. Getting to the moon is a simple matter of reaching the Carinae system and looking for Carinae. This planet has four moons in orbit, with Carinae III-a being one of them.

To easily pinpoint Rothicite-rich areas on the surface, it’s best to upgrade your Scanning skill to rank 4. With that done, land in one of the rich Rothicite zones and mine deposits with a Cutter tool.

Supercooled Magnet

Vendors such as Denis Avarin on Mars and Dietrich Sieghart are among many who may sell the item. Crafting a Supercooled Magnet, on the other hand, requires a rank 2 Special Projects skill and the following items:

  • 3x Neodymium
  • 1x Isocentered Magnet
  • 1x Isotopic Coolant

Starfield Rothicite Magnet uses

The Rothicite Magnet is crucial for completing the Power Generation 4 Research project. Completing this research makes you eligible to create Advanced Reactors utilizing nuclear fusion to power outpost construction.

The Power Generation 4 Research Project requires the following items:

  • 20x Lead
  • 16x Tungsten
  • 8x Isotopic Coolant
  • 4x Power Circuit
  • 12x Tau Grade Rheostat
  • 4x Control Rod
  • 3x Tasine Superconductor
  • 2x Rothicite Magnet
  • 4x Vytinium Fuel Rod

While creating advanced reactors will require the following:

  • 10x Adaptive Frame
  • 5x Control Rod
  • 20x Lead
  • 3x Power Circuit
  • 5x Rothicite Magnet
  • 4x Tasine Superconductor
  • 8x Vytinium Fuel Rod

Apart from the Rothicite Magnet, the Vytinium Fuel Rod also warrants mentioning among the various items. You can purchase it from the vendors like the UC exchange or Denis Averin in Cydonia, Mars. Or you can craft it with a rank 4 in Special Projects and the following items:

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