Starfield Mantis Quest: How To Get Razorleaf And Legendary Armor

The Mantis quest in Starfield can reward you with a fancy new ship and one of the earliest legendary armors in the game.

Throughout the vastness of Starfield, you’ll come across several pieces of legendary gear, such as the Mantis Set. Found on Denebola I-B, this early legendary gear boasts very impressive stats that will aid you immensely early on in the game.

On the same planet, you’ll also find a spaceship called the Razorleaf. This can give you a headstart in your spacefaring adventures. In this guide, we’ll go over how you can get the optional Mantis quest (Quest ID: 001CD001) in Starfield and how to solve the puzzle associated with that quest.

How to get the Mantis quest in Starfield  

Starfield Mantis legendary ship

To start this quest, you must kill Spacers as you encounter them and then loot their body for a special note. Picking up the note and reading it will start the quest. But it is impossible to pinpoint which encounter and which Spacer will end up dropping it. In my playthrough, I picked up the quest in the Sol System at the Nova Galactic Shipyard.

One of them dropped a note titled ‘Secret Outpost!’ If you pick it up and read this Secret Outpost data slate, it will start the Mantis quest. If you find yourself in a situation where the Mantis quest does not start, increase your chances of finding this quest by killing Spacers anywhere you find them.

Eventually, you’ll get it. Make sure you’re at least a level 20 before you embark on this quest as it can be quite difficult despite being an early game quest.

Starfield Mantis Lair Location  

Denebola system location starfield

The Location of the Mantis Lair will always be found within the Denebola System. When you’re in the system, which is located towards the bottom right of the Cheyenne system, go to the planet called Denebola I-B. Scan the planet and an icon with the Secret Outpost should appear on the planet.

Land on/near the marker then simply follow the quest marker until you reach the location of the Secret Outpost. 

How to get Legendary Mantis armor and Razorleaf in Starfield

You’ll face a few enemies along the way so make sure you come prepared. 

You’ll also encounter a character named Livvey in the area who is an inconsequential NPC. Killing him or sparing him doesn’t change anything. If you want some extra loot kill him, otherwise move on.

There are hints you can pick up and piece together to solve this puzzle from the various audio journals and notes you’ve picked up along the way. This way, you know the correct tiles to step on, so the turrets don’t kill you.

The password/code to proceed further is TYRANNIS. First, step on the letter T and then move forward to hit the letters Y,R,A,N,N,I,S. hitting the letters in the correct order will solve the puzzle. If you mess up, the turrets will start firing and they may kill you.  

Starfield Mantis legendary ship

How to get Mantis mission rewards in Starfield 

Past the puzzle, as you make your way deeper inside, you will enter a large hangar with the Razorleaf ship parked on a lift in the distance. Be sure to venture out and explore this area thoroughly. Past a certain opening, you will find this display rack with a mannequin donning some interesting-looking gear.

Get close and interact with the display to grab the Mantis legendary Helmet and Spacesuit.

Making your way through the final stretch of this area, you will eventually find yourself at the base of the platform where the Razorleaf ship is parked. Nearby, you will find the ‘Starship Lift Controls’, push the button, and the ship lift will rise to the surface.

Now, you need only go back to the surface in whatever way you see fit and trace your steps to where the lift operates. You will find the ship, Razorleaf, waiting for you.

Mantis mission rewards in Starfield 

You will get the following rewards in the Mantis Mission in Starfield.

Mirrored Mantis Spacesuit +4% chance to dodge attacks -50% weapon weight in inventory -15% melee damage 
Repulsing Mantis Pack +5% more likely to disarm enemies nearby +20% carrying capacity -15% melee damage 
Sensor-Chipped Mantis Space Helmet +25 resistance to thermal damage +20% to shooting while moving -15% damage from human enemies 
Razorleaf Spaceship  Ship Class: A Crew Capacity: 2 Reactor Power: 19 Shield: 468 Grav Jump: 16 Light Years Laser: 6 Missile: 36 Particle Beam: 16 Ballistic: NA Electromagnetic: NA  
Mantis mission rewards stats in Starfield

Starfield Mantis quest Ship not spawning bug 

In some cases, you may encounter a bug in the Mantis Quest in Starfield where the Razorleaf does not show up after you pull the lever. Instead an invisible wall spawns. The quest objective will appear completed in your quest log, but the quest itself will still be open. To fix this, you can use the following method 

  • Open the console command dialogue using the ‘~’ key  
  • First type in ‘tcl’ this will allow you to bypass the invisible wall 
  • Next, type in ‘player.placeatme’ 0002cc6c’ This will spawn the ship in its right place 
  • Make your way to the ship and go to its door 
  • Open the console command once again and select the door of the ship to unlock it 
  • Enter the ship and type in ‘tcl’ once again  
  • Get your ship registered  

This method only works for PC. On Xbox, you may need to reload a previous save file. 

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