Starfield Mantis Quest: How To Get Razorleaf And Legendary Armor

The Mantis quest in Starfield can reward you with a fancy new ship and one of the earliest legendary armors in the game.

While not being a looter shooter, Starfield still offers players equipment with increasing rarity. One of the earliest legendary armor sets you can unlock in Starfield is available as a reward for a side quest, along with a brand-new ship. We are here to help you complete the Starfield Mantis quest and unlock the Razorleaf ship as well as legendary armor.

How to start the Starfield Mantis quest

Starting the Mantis quest has an element of RNG involved. While you have to kill Spacers to get the quest, which Spacer will drop it is impossible to tell. In my playthrough, I found this quest in the Sol system. Heading to the Nova Galactic Shipyard in the system and killing Spacers in there dropped an item called Secret Outpost. If you pick it up and read this Secret Outpost data slate, it will start the Mantis quest.

Starfield Mantis legendary ship

So to sum it up, you basically have to kill Spacers anywhere you find. They have a random chance of dropping the Secret Outpost data slate which starts the Mantis quest. The location of the secret outpost will be on the moon Denebola I-b.

How to get Legendary Mantis armor and Razorleaf in Starfield

Once you land on Denebola I-b you will follow the quest marker, fighting your way through a couple of hostiles until you enter the ‘Lair of the Mantis’, with the quest objectives being updated to reflect this.

You will be fighting your way through multiple enemies throughout, even finding a non-hostile NPC along the way.

Eventually, your path will lead you to this small puzzle section with auto turrets on the opposite side. You will need to pick the right order of letters to cross through otherwise the turrets will kill you almost instantly. You can use Amp to reduce damage from these turrets.


There are hints you can pick up and piece together to solve this puzzle from the various audio journals and notes you’ve picked up along the way. This way you know the correct tiles to step on, so the turrets don’t kill you. The correct word you need to spell out is TYRANNIS.

Starfield Mantis legendary ship

Past the puzzle, as you make your way deeper inside, you will enter a large hangar of sorts with the Razorleaf ship parked on a lift in the distance. Be sure to venture out and explore this area thoroughly. Past a certain opening, you will find this display rack with a mannequin donning some interesting-looking gear.

Get close and interact with the display to grab the Mantis legendary Helmet, Armor and Spacesuit, all legendary and stylish equipment with some very impressive stats, especially for early game.

Making your way through the final stretch of this area, you will eventually find yourself at the base of the platform where the Razorleaf ship is parked. Nearby, you will find the ‘Starship Lift Controls’, simply push the button and the ship lift will rise to the surface.

Now, you need only go back to the surface in whatever way you see fit and trace your steps to where the lift operates, you will find the ship, Razorleaf, waiting just for you.

Beyond the various items and gear it houses and its cargo shielding capabilities, the Razorleaf in Starfield also comes with a certain other passive effect. Being a mark of the revered space vigilante ‘Mantis’, it strikes fear into the hearts of Spacers, sometimes causing them to flee and avoid battling you.

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