How To Find Planets With Settlements In Starfield

In Starfield, you will find a lot of Planets, but not all of them have settlements that you can visit.

While progressing through the storyline of Starfield, you will come across many planets and stars inside the United Colonies. But not all Planets in Starfield offer settlements for players to explore. The question then arises of how you can locate the planets with settlements. Finding settlements is easy; I will try to make it easier for you.

How to Locate the Planets with Settlements

To locate the Planets with Settlements in Starfield, you must first learn about the “Settlement” sign. This is a small sign inside a blue circle that appears on the left side of the planet.

The sign looks like the end of a tong with a ball stuck in the middle and two small bars on each side. You have found a settlement whenever you see a sign alongside the system.

You can then further examine it by clicking on it, which will tell you which “planets” and “moons” have the settlements. Once you have found a planet with a settlement, you can visit it for a 100% survey score.

List of Starfield Star Systems with Settlements

The Star Systems, where you can find settlements, are listed below:

Alpha Centauri System

There are two planets named “Jemison” and “Gagarin” in the Alpha Centauri System, which have settlements for Starfield players. These Settlements are:

  • New Atlantis, Planet Jemison”
  • “Gagarin Landing, Planet Gagarin”

Volii System

Inside the Volii System of Starfield, you will find the following independent settlements that are not protected by the “Freestar Collective”:

  • Neon, Planet Volii Alpha”

Cheyenne System

The settlements that you will find inside the Cheyyene System are:

Wolf System

There is a “Star Station” inside the Wolf System that houses a settlement for players in Starfield:

  • The Den, orbiting Planet Cnthonia”

Sol System

In Starfield, you can find a couple of settlements in the Sol System to explore, which are listed below:

  • “Cydonia, Planet Mars”
  • “New Homestead, Titan – Moon of Planet Saturn”

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