How To Get And Equip Neuroamps In Starfield

By equipping the Neuroamps, you can benefit from skills in Starfield such as intimidation, instigation, and diplomacy.

In Starfield, Neuroamps allows you to boost your stats by increasing your social skills. This way, you can rack in more credit without physically fighting out of a situation.

You should spend your time purchasing higher-level Neuroamps from various locations, as these can be valuable tools during conversations with important NPC characters.

If you want to learn more about Neuroamps and how to acquire them, then you have come to the right place. I will address how you can get your hands on the Neuroamps.

Where to Purchase Neuroamps in Starfield

Three specific stores will have the Neuroamps listed for sale. Each store and vendor will be located in different systems, so you will need to take your time to explore these places and then interact with each of these vendors to check the Neuroamps they have for sale.

Newill’s Goods [Neon Core]

  • System: Volii
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • City: Neon
  • Location: Near Ryujin Industries
  • Vendor: James and Rosa Newill
  • Neuroamps listed for sale: Neuroboost Mark I, Neuroboost Mark II, Neuroboost Mark III

Aito Suzuki [Ryujin Tower]

  • System: Volii
  • Planet: Volii Alpha
  • City: Neon
  • Location: Ryujin Industries, Ryujin Towerlobby area
  • Requirement: Join Ryujin Industries by applying for Job Application and completing missions.
  • Rewards: You will get to own an Internal Neuroamp
  • Vendor: Aito Suzuki
  • Neuroamps listed for sale: Neuroboost Mark I, Neuroboost Mark II, Neuroboost Mark III, Neurocom Mark I, Neurocom Mark II, Neurocom Mark III, and Neurotac Mark III.

Zuri’s Essentials/ Store [The Key]

  • System: Kryx
  • Planet: Suvorov
  • Space Station: The Key
  • Requirement: Join Crimson Fleet and participate in Crimson Fleet questline (Rock Meets King, etc.)
  • Vendor: Zuri
  • Neuroamps listed for sale: Neurocom Mark I, Neurocom Mark III, and Neurotac Mark III.

Starfield Neuroamps cost and stats

Once you identify the vendors at each location listed above, you can access their inventory and check the prices on each Neuroamp available for sale. As you can only equip one neuroamp at a time, purchase the one that goes best with your social skills.

1. Neuroboost

NeuroampItem IDCreditsStats
Neuroboost Mark I1A25073,500Intimidation Chance (+5%)
Neuroboost Mark II1005176,500Intimidation Chance (+10%)
Neuroboost Mark III1005189,025Intimidation Chance (+15%)

2. Neurocom

NeuroampItem IDCreditsStats
Neurocom Mark I1005193,500Diplomacy Chance (+5%)
Neurocom Mark II10051A6,500Diplomacy Chance (+10%)
Neurocom Mark III10051B9,025Diplomacy Chance (+15%)

3. Neurotac

NeuroampItem IDCreditsStats
Neurotac Mark I10051C3,500Instigation Chance (+5%)
Neurotac Mark II10051D6,500Instigation Chance (+10%)
Neurotac Mark III10051F9,025Instigation Chance (+15%)

How to equip Neuroamps in Starfield

To use Neuroamps on your character, you must access your inventory first. You can hover the cursor over your clothing items options and find the Neuroamp listed among other options.  

After you equip one of these Neuroamps, you will notice a small physical change in your character’s appearance. If you observe the face, small metallic chips are embedded on the right side of your forehead and underneath your eye.

I believe you should purchase the Neuroamps to get a peaceful and favorable resolution out of most situations and turn the tide in your favor.

This way, you will enjoy a smoother Starfield gameplay experience with less fighting. Investing in high-level Neuroamps (Mark III) will also be necessary, as these will be even more beneficial for your character during his dialogue sessions.

These will allow you to bypass those challenging conversation encounters with certain NPC characters and increase your hold over your social skills in Starfield.

How to obtain the Neuroamp Prototype

To obtain the Neuroamp Prototype, you can follow the mission to Sabotage the Heating System at Ryujin Industries.

Head down the stairs, and just before reaching the lower level, jump to the roof of the lower level and go left from there towards the vent. Open it, jump inside, and then make a long jump to reach the other vent below. Open it; this way, you can find a way into the research and development area.

Head straight and then enter the area, which will be labeled secure access. You must run the program on Faye’s computer first and then Lucas’s. After all that’s left will be to sabotage the Heating System. Once you do that, you can salvage the Internal Neuroamp Prototype from the Holding Chamber.

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