Starfield Mob Mentality Walkthrough

Helping a opressed always gives your ego a moral boost. If you want that too, here is how to complete Mob Mentality mission in Starfield.

Running a business in a crime-infested city comes at a cost. You either get terrorized or learn to face it with your chin up. For most people, the prior seems more likely. We have got ourselves a similar situation at hand during the Mob Mentality side mission in Starfield.

The choice remains in your hands if you can make a dent in the life of a hardworking store owner by helping him and if you cannot seem to figure it out, we will not leave any stone unturned in helping you complete this side mission in Starfield.

How to unlock the Mob Mentality mission

Before we get ourselves any deeper into the conversation about how to unlock the Mob Mentality Side Mission in Starfield, let’s get the most important things out of the way. Since the mission takes place on Planet Neon, you need to have access to it.

You can either visit it randomly while you are exploring planets or you will visit it during the All That Money Can Buy mission which is part of Constellation’s questlines.

If you are more in Crimson Fleet’s Questline, then your visit to Neon will be during the Absolute Power quest.

Circling back to the main point, you can unlock the mission in one of two ways. The first one is a bit tricky to nail.


You have to find a specific guard that talks about Headlock, who is the bully we are trying to deal with. Of course, the location of the guard is not fixed, and finding him might take more time than actually doing the mission.

Another thing that you can do is walk straight into The Emporium, which is a store in Neon. Inside the store, you will see the store owner, Tevin Anastas.

Talk to him and during the conversation, the name of Headlock will come up. That will be enough to trigger the mission.

How to complete Mob Mentality in Starfield

The crux of the matter is that Tevin is trying to run a business in Neon which is a hassle in itself. Neon with his newly-found friends from the Seokguh, a gang, visits often and causes a ruckus in his shop.

This is hurting Tevin’s business. You can be his knight in shining armor and save get Headlock to back off once and for all. This is how you can do it.

Gather information about Headlock

Once you have talked to Tevin and he will tell you all about how headlock has been bothering him repeatedly, you will need to gather information about his whereabouts.

On Tevin’s recommendation, head to Frankie’s Grab ‘N Go. It is a shop in the Ebbside region of Neon. Head inside and talk to Frankie. She will act hostile, like everyone else on Neon.

Ask her about Headlock and she will refuse the first time around. You can get the information out of her in one of two ways: bribery or persuasion.

If you have spent a reasonable amount of points on persuasion, it should be easy enough to do it. If you have not, then 500 Credits should do the trick. She will tell you that Headlock, along with his other members of the gang, hangs out in Warehouse 04.

Confront Headlock

Now you know where he is, head straight for Warehouse 04. The mission marker should point you in the right direction. It shouldn’t be too far from Frankie’s Grab ‘N Go. Head inside and you will find Headlock on the lower level.

Engage in a dialogue with him. There are two ways to deal with Headlock. You can choose the peaceful way or the violent one.

Option 1 – Persuade Headlock

This can once again only happen if your persuasion skill is upgraded enough. You will get three turns to fill up four points. Failure to do so will leave only one option – Bloodbath. If you do manage to persuade him, he will agree to not bother Tevin anymore and will mind his own business.

Option 2 – Kill Headlock

The other option is the violent one. You can attack Headlock and his three Seokguh members who are also around him. They should be easy enough to deal with.

Once you are done, head back to The Emporium and give Tevin the good news. He will be over the moon and this will conclude the Mob Mentality side mission in Starfield.

Starfield Mob Mentality Rewards

Helping the poor Tevin during the Mob Mentality side mission will get you the following reward:

  • 3000x Credits
  • 100 XP

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